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Telco AI World Summit 2023
April 2023

Take an AI & ML Customer Journey with Natali Delic at A1 Telekom Austria Group

Natali Delic, the CTIO and Senior Transformation Director at Vp Mobile and A1 Slovenia, A1 Telekom Austria Group

Ahead of the Telco AI Summit Europe, we caught up with Natali Delic, CTIO and Senior Transformation Director at Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenia (part of A1 Telekom Austria Group), to find out more about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are key tools in the transformative customer journey.

Take an AI & ML Customer Journey with Natali Delic at A1 Telekom Austria Group

Please tell us how A1 Group is utilising advanced technologies such as AI and ML internally.

For us, advanced analytics is one of the most important areas enabling our digital transformation. We are actively building our knowledge in this domain, primarily with investments in people and their skills, as well as setting new governance models and the technological environment to support it. We see the data analytics layer as an enabler of the digital customer journey and process automation, but also as a potential for building new products and services; expanding our portfolio to go beyond our core business. 

We are particularly focused on network automation since we see this as a prerequisite for efficiently managing 5G networks, in addition to delivering high-quality services and fulfilling the promises we make to our customers.

How do you foresee the customer journey evolving with the advent of more sophisticated AI and ML-enabled tools?

We are already talking about the digital customer journey now, which has all the multichannel, omnichannel and extended engagement functionalities needed to support personalised audience interactions. However, we see AI and ML delivering additional value by providing a context to customer interactions through different touchpoints. This will enable hyper personalisation, which will have an immediate response to customer behaviour. It will also consider where and when customers require a service or product: why it is required and how it relates to other circumstances in each customer’s life. This kind of hyper-personalisation will change the way brands interact with customers, especially due to the data customers will need to allow their favourite brands to use in order to receive such an advanced customer experience. 

In my opinion, it’s not an evolution of the customer journey – it’s a revolution. A revolution being enabled and driven by AI and ML tools.

When assessing the biggest challenges mobile operators are facing, can AI and ML help play a role in addressing them?

The biggest challenge for mobile operators is how to transform into digital service providers and thus ensure the sustainability of their business models. We see the promise of 5G as an opportunity to address that challenge. We need to think about the fully automated, intelligent management of networks, both in terms of investments and operations. This means that a quality of service will be crucial for ensuring the 5G customer experience. The reason why I emphasise the 5G customer is because it won’t just be humans who are our customers. The internet of everything will be supported by 5G, which is something that has not yet been realised. Such complexity and diversity of network and service requirements will need to be enabled through AI and ML tools. 

So, the question is not if these tools help play a role in addressing the challenges of the mobile operator community – these tools are essential elements for the future of telcos.

What are you most looking forward to at Telco AI Summit Europe?

The pace of change is so fast that it is hard to keep track of all the new ways of using AI and ML to digitalise telco operations. That is where Telco AI Summit Europe steps in and helps us operators to close the gap between our knowledge, available technologies and solutions. At this summit, we can see the latest trends from an analyst side, innovations from a vendor side and use cases from an operator side. I particularly like to discuss the challenges that the telco industry is facing, especially with 5G. What are the ways to address them and how do we use AI in telcos to become digital service provider? The latter has been such an elusive goal for the telco industry so far. 

I truly believe that with AI in 5G we have a chance to successfully transform the telco business model.


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We're focusing on the impact & opportunities of AI for the telco industry, with unmissable keynote sessions, including 'When 5G & AI Combine' & 'Enhancing Customer Experience Management Capabilities'.

Plus, we've got confirmed expert speakers from:

Bell, Deutsche Telekom, O2 (Telefónica UK), Orange, Ovum, Telecom Italia, Three, Tractica & Vodafone - to name a few!

At Telco AI Summit Europe, you'll enjoy a variety of thought-leadership panels & presentations, workshops & VIP speed networking - plus an awards & cocktail reception!

Don’t miss Natali's keynote session ‘Data as the Force of Change’, set to kick-start Day Two on Wednesday 6th November.

Key presentation highlights include:

  • How data (science) is changing telco organisations in terms of:
  • Skills of the workforce
  • The way we work
  • Business processes
  • Customer experience management
  • Decision making on all levels in the telco organisation
  • Network automation and customer experience management implemented by Vip mobile (part of Telecom Austria Group)