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Jun 11
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08:30 - 08:55 25 mins
Morning Registration
08:55 - 09:00 5 mins
KNect365 & Chair's Welcome
  • James Crawshaw - Senior Analyst – CSP IT & Automation, Heavy Reading
09:00 - 09:20 20 mins
Opening Keynote: How Blockchain Empowers Telecom Infrastructure Sharing

 1. How blockchain helps carriers resolving 5G CAPEX challenge

 2. Telecommunication and inclusive finance convergence on blockchain

 3. Privacy and Security as intrinsic traits of digital assets with Distributed Ledger Technology 

  • Allen Li - Chief Architect, QLC chain
09:20 - 09:50 30 mins
Keynote Case Study: Wholesale Intercarrier Settlement

- How Blockchain can be used to exchange capacity between parties

- Improve automation of billing

- Added Transparency to remove discrepancies

- Blockchain’s effect on Settlement Efficiency

  • Shahar Steiff - AVP new technology,, PCCW Global
  • Louisa Gregory - Chief of Staff, Colt
  • Moderator Isabelle Paradis - President, Hot Telecom
09:50 - 10:10 20 mins
Opening Keynote: The Telco Opportunities in Blockchain

- Understanding the depth of Digital Transformation & disruption Blockchain represents

- How Blockchain can be used by Telcos to make themselves more competitive

- Blockchain platforms involve a lot of Network building, and if there’s one thing Telco’s do best...

  • Eran Haggiag - Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Clear
10:10 - 10:30 20 mins
Opening Keynote: Learnings from 38 enterprise production blockchain deployments in Korea

- Blockchain as a Platform for Telco

- A practical case study of in-production deployment (authentication and document stamping)

- Integrations with legacy systems and hybrid chain approach for complex enterprise deployments

- Future ecosystems and use cases for Telecoms
- Engaging your platform adoption

  • Phil Zamani - CEO & Chairman, Aergo
10:30 - 11:00 30 mins
Panel: Shaking up Service Chains – Blockchain’s effect on B2B Service Management

- Blockchain’s power as a distributed transaction ledger has the potential to transform B2B interactions, helping to automate service & supply chain transactions

- But is this simply replacing today’s middle men with tomorrow’s Blockchain Providers?

- What would a fully adopted Blockchain solution look like, and work best across a Telco?

  • Federico Homberg - Head of Business Development for Commercial Roaming, Deutsche Telekom
  • Moderator Guy Redmill - Managing Director , Redmill Marketing Associates
  • Kumar Modi - Head of Planning & Development, CKH IOD
  • Allen Li - Chief Architect, QLC chain
11:00 - 11:25 25 mins
Speed Networking & Refreshments Break
11:25 - 11:45 20 mins
ETSI PDL Presentation
  • Kevin Smith - Distinguished Engineer, Vodafone
  • Mischa Dohler - Full Professor in Wireless Communications, King’s College London
11:45 - 12:05 20 mins
Enterprise Ready – How to drive scale, performance for Telco Blockchain projects
  • An overview of the VMware Blockchain solution & capabilities
  • How to leverage scalable consensus engine to increase transaction throughput & overall performance
  • An overview of a Blockchain Telco solution built by Wipro
  • Emmanuel Abiodun - Director of Product, Blockchain, VMWare
  • Muneeb Shah - Regional Practice Manager & Blockchain Partner, Wipro
12:05 - 12:40 35 mins
Panel: Picking your Partners – How to Navigate Blockchain Consortiums

- A look at the success of Hyperledger, Corda, Carrier Blockchain Study Group and others

- Considering how Telcos can get the most out of consortiums

- What are the differences between an Industry Specific Consortium and a Universal one

  • Moderator Scott Stonham - CTIO,
  • Mischa Dohler - Full Professor in Wireless Communications, King’s College London
  • Phil Zamani - CEO & Chairman, Aergo
  • Emmanuel Abiodun - Director of Product, Blockchain, VMWare
12:40 - 13:00 20 mins
Telco Cross Industrial Blockchain initiatives: A Proptech Case Study

- A case study of how Blockchain and Telco’s can get involved in PropTech

- Managing Land registry records on the Blockchain

- The Benefits to the End User

- The role of Telco

  • Niclas Bergmann - Head of Strategy Enterprise Sweden, Telia Company
13:00 - 14:00 60 mins
Networking lunch
14:00 - 14:05 5 mins
Chair's Welcome Back
14:05 - 14:25 20 mins
Deutsche Telekom Keynote

- Using easy access Authentication to improve the customer experience

- Integrating ID across managed services

- Leveraging Telco’s adoption platform

  • Dr Alexandra Mikityuk - Head of Blockchain Group, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs)
14:25 - 14:45 20 mins
Identifying the Opportunity

- Considering the use of Blockchain in Managed Identity & Authentication Services

- Where best to invest to match the demands of Governments and IoT

- How Telco’s are perfectly placed to capitalise on this growing market

  • Gautam Hazari - Technical Director, GSMA
14:45 - 15:05 20 mins
Investigating Blockchain needs in IoT & Smart Cities use cases

- IoT & Smart City deployments will create an explosion of connections & data generation

- How and when could Blockchain be used to manage these use cases?

- Blockchain and the SIM

  • Roberto Gavazzi - 5G, Smart City and Industrial Internet Senior Program Manager, TIM
15:05 - 15:25 20 mins
TM Forum Catalyst: Building a Blockchain-based Telecom Infrastructure Marketplace
  • Tayeb – bring the     CSP view on use cases and scenarios (Adoption of Blockchain     technologies in CSPs,     Maturity levels in adoption across, Standardization)
  • Michele– solution view for the use cases with     Blockchain technologies (Priority     set of use cases and solutions seen across Telco players, Learnings from other industry (e.g.,     fintech, supply chain use cases etc), contributions     to standards, Learnings).
  • Touch upon key Blockchain technologies (Performance of Blockchain platforms, future proof, Technology supporting cross industry digital eco system
  • Tayeb Ben Meriem - Senior Standardization Manager (OSS), Orange
  • Michele Nati - Lead Tech Architect and Personal Data Lead, IOTA Foundation
15:25 - 16:10 45 mins
Networking Break
16:10 - 16:45 35 mins
Blockchain across Borders: Mapping the Geographical Opportunities for Services

Which Geographies are most interested in Blockchain Services?

- How to unlock potential in different markets

- Creating Blockchain services across the Operator eco-system

- Facilitating more Telco collaboration on related use cases

  • Moderator Nick Todorov - CEO, Limechain
  • Paul Overbury - Senior Technology Expert, Ofcom
  • Martin Adolph - Study Group Advisor, ITU
  • Federico Descalzo - Director of Northern Europe and Asia, Italtel
16:45 - 17:00 15 mins
Closing Keynote: Agnostic Nodes - Bringing Blockchains Altogether

- Blockchain as a technology works, the PoCs have been completed & even won awards!

- Adoption is the key issue, and collaboration the answer

- To achieve this will take both Agnostic Nodes that can deal with different Chains, and a willingness to be more open with Blockchain Solution IPs

  • Andreas Manolis - Head of Strategy & Risk, Group Business Assurance, BT
17:00 - 17:30 30 mins
Service Innovation Think Tank – Closing Round Tables

Final Roundtable sessions, using Blockchain to make eco-system services

- Delegate review of their own capabilities

- Mapping how to engage other industries with Blockchain platforms

- Making the most out of Telco’s positioning

17:30 - 17:40 10 mins
Chair's Wrap-Up & Close of Conference