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1 - 2 September 2020
Online Virtual Event,
Delivered Live (BST)

The Virtual Quantum Computing Summit London

Unlocking the future of quantum for the businesses of today

The Quantum Computing Summit has been designed to provide business, technical, research, academic and innovation insight, qualified via application-based quantum experiences to showcase how quantum is delivering real business value, drive process efficiency and cost optimisation.

Why now?

The Virtual Quantum Computing Summit London will be the singular meeting place (albeit virtual) for those who are serious about getting ahead of the curve of computer architecture via quantum. Join the innovators, pioneers and technology leaders this September that are re-inventing the technology wheel, sharing use cases and world-class insights that will lay the foundation of your quantum business strategy.

Why Attend?


Educate yourself on the latest quantum technology and computing developments from those shaping next-generation computer interfaces.


Lay the quantum foundations that will enable process efficiency and deliver viable cost benefits for you and your team.


Stake your claim as part of the quantum leaders’ community; engaging with tech giants, government institutions, R&D centres, cross-industry organisations and plenty more.

Why Virtual?


The virtual summit will host a conference agenda with short and snappy presentations, panel discussions, round tables for starters with options for live Q&A and realtime feedback. 


Virtual does not limit networking capabilities. With a customized workspace, interact with your quantum community via 1-2-1 meetings, bespoke networking lounges and interactive hangouts as means to carve out a new quantum network. 


The Virtual Summit is part of a wider Quantum Community whereby you have the opportunity to engage with different stakeholders via multiple avenues such as webinars, the podcast series and online media community. 

What questions will we address?

What is the quantum business case?

Quantum is a thing of the future, right? No, you can take advantage of this right now. Hear the business pathways about how to implement quantum technology the type of business benefit it is delivering right now.

What are the global quantum updates?

Developments at a regional and international level are coming out of the woodwork, giving a definitive view that quantum is a technology for the here and now – hear about the latest investments and proof of concept examples.

How do I commercialise quantum?

Despite the heavy focus on quantum research and academic development which has been laying the foundations for quantum technology stacks, there are viable examples of how quantum applications are being commercialised which will heavily feature on the agenda.

Who are the quantum stakeholders?

The virtual summit will bring together all the major players including quantum solution platforms, hardware builders, algorithm developers, cloud service providers, academic powerhouses, R&D labs and more giving a complete 360 view of the market.

How will I measure quantum performance?

Hear from those at the forefront of quantum technology development as they discuss how they are developing performance benchmarks and addressing operational technicalities such as noise and interference challenges.

I know all this, what's next in quantum?

The virtual summit has been designed for both those who are new in the industry and actively seeking quantum knowledge, and those looking to advance their quantum strategy and plan accordingly to leverage their competitive advantage.