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The Quantum Computing Summit London
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An Interview with Kieth Kirkpatrick

Keith Kirkpatrick is a principal analyst contributing to Omdia’s User Interface Technologies and Artificial Intelligence practices, with a focus on emerging technologies for automotive, consumer, enterprise, and industrial markets.

Kirkpatrick, who is based in New York, has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of research, marketing, and consulting-based fields; and has spent the past three looking at the possibilities of quantum technology.

QCS: Where does your interest in Quantum stem from?

KK: Omdia is actively covering quantum and quantum-related technology from a research and forecasting perspective. We are focused on assessing the potential impact of QC and have identified strategies for deploying new use cases and business models arising from the use of quantum technology.

Personally, I have presented about quantum computing and have chaired the Quantum Computing Summit at both AI Summit San Francisco and London.

QCS: What is the most exciting thing on the horizon for you right now regarding quantum?

KK: From a research perspective, the most exciting aspect of quantum computing is real-world utilization of quantum technology to handle optimization problems.

QCS: In your opinion, what do you think will be the one thing that quantum will present the biggest disruption to?

KK: Quantum computing is likely to have an outsized impact on the use of ML and DL algorithms, providing enhanced processing power to handle an even greater amount of continuous data.

The industry is highly collaborative and appears (for now) to be focused on consolidating lessons learned for the benefit of all players.

Kieth Kirkpatrick will present Reality Check: Where is the Quantum Market Today? as part of The Quantum Computing Summit London. As the last 12 months have proven critical for the onset of quantum computing with some of the pioneers, movers & shakers investing and showing their hand of quantum developments, he’ll outline what this means for quantum computing, where the quantum market heading in the next 6 – 12 months, and which industry verticals should prepare for imminent quantum technology implementation.

Keith Kirkpatrick, Principal Analyst at OMDIA

Keith is a principal analyst at Omdia, the new global technology research powerhouse, established in 2019 with the combination of the Informa Tech’s research brands (Ovum, Heavy Reading, and Tractica) and the acquired IHS Markit technology research portfolio.

Contributing to Omdia’s User Interface Technologies practice, Kieth has a focus on emerging interface technologies for the automotive, consumer, enterprise, and industrial markets.