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The Quantum Computing Summit London
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The Quantum Computing Summit is dedicated to bringing the quantum community together. We're pleased to offer you a wide range of news stories, exclusive interviews, reports, and webinars. Delve inside to discover the latest quantum computing content today...

Latest Interviews & Analysis

VIDEO: AI Business’s Top 5: Big names in quantum computing

The editorial team at AI Business went and created another Top 5 list. This time, Max and Tien have identified five companies making a splash in quantum computing – they will tell you a little story about every organization on this list and outline what makes their approach special.

Quantum Computing Communication and Information Freebook

Quantum Computing Communication and Information Freebook features sample chapters from four of our key reference books and textbooks on quantum mechanics and computing. It introduces this book covers important concepts in quantum cryptography, quantum algorithms, quantum gates and circuits, and other advanced applications, including quantum teleportation, quantum games, and quantum chaos.

Intel’s Horse Ridge chip: Advancing quantum computing using classical computing technology

Once relegated to the realm of theoretical physics, quantum computing (QC) has broken into the mainstream, with businesses and tech publications regularly reporting on the technology’s latest developments. With the headlines filled with phrases like “quantum advantage” and “quantum supremacy,” QC sometimes is presented as a successor to classical computing—a superior approach that will supplant the conventional systems that power today’s digital world.

On-demand webinar | The road to a coherent quantum computing roadmap

There is an impending tectonic shift which will create unrivalled disruption, brought about by the advent of quantum computing as a tool for business, make sure you stand to benefit from it. Hear from industry experts including Taha Jaffer, Head of Wholesale Banking & Global Treasury AI at Scotiabank, Jonathan Cassell, Principal Analyst – Advanced Computing at Omdia, and Tristan Roberge-Mentec, Head of Business Development & Technical Data at The Quantum Daily.

The state of QC - a survey of strategic decision-makers

In February 2021, the Quantum Computing Summit and Omdia conducted an online survey of 111 professionals with strategic and operational decision-making authority for technology in their organisations to get a feel for the real state of the market.

Introducing the QuantInTech Podcast

To kick-start our series, and to contextualize the state of the quantum computing marketplace, we sat down with Keith Kirkpatrick, Principal Analyst, AI Vertical Applications at research firm Omdia.

Quantum Advisory: An Interview with Andrew Lord

Andrew has worked on a wide range of optical network systems, including long-haul subsea and terrestrial DWDM. We caught up with him ahead of the 2020 event to see how he's bringing these passions to life.

Quantum Advisory: An Interview with Kieth Kirkpatrick

Keith Kirkpatrick is a principal analyst contributing to Omdia’s User Interface Technologies and Artificial Intelligence practices, with a focus on emerging technologies for automotive, consumer, enterprise, and industrial markets.

Quantum Advisory: An Interview with Alexi Kondratyev

Standard Chartered Bank started on its quantum journey in 2017 and is now thoroughly committed to identifying the commercial use cases for the advanced capabilities of quantum computers; focusing on managing risk and speeding up the generation of data. We caught up with the Managing Director, Alexi Kondratyev to find out more about the company’s increased investment in quantum computing.

Tencent plans $70bn investment in cloud, AI, blockchain, quantum computing, and more

Tencent SVP Dowson Tong told state media that the company planned to spend the money over five years on things like cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, huge million-server data centers, supercomputing centers, Internet of Things operating systems, 5G networks, and quantum computing. 

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