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The Quantum Computing Summit London
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Introducing QuantInTech – the Quantum Computing Summit podcast sharing conversations with experts, innovators and academics.

To kick-start our series, and to contextualize the state of the quantum computing marketplace, we sat down with writer, researcher, analyst, Keith Kirkpatrick.

Keith's work covers artificial intelligence and advanced computing technologies, including high-performance computing technology and quantum computing, but we asked him to take us back to basics to review ‘what is quantum computing?’ in its current iteration, including the current restrictions on keeping Qubits cool and whether the cost of superfast computing is even sustainable in a business environment.

“When we’re talking about quantum supremacy, or quantum advantage, it really should be thought of as an initial waypoint on the journey to create a quantum computer. Because, really, what we are talking about is not the end goal to have a quantum computer that can solve the specific problem in a lab environment.”

Diving into the demand that is driving the increased coverage of quantum computing opportunities for enterprise, Kirkpatrick shares what he’s learnt to look for in his more than 20 years of experience in a variety of research and consulting-based fields.

We’ll also touch on Google, quantum supremacy and the metrics for judging whose winning in the quantum computing race.

The QuantInTech podcast series interviews the outstanding leaders in the emerging field of quantum computing. Hosted by Sita Kalsi, we focus exclusively on quantum computing’s intersection with business. Covering everything from engineering to bench marketing, we aim to provide technology leaders with a look at the developments in quantum technologies, as well as insight into the enterprise use cases shaping the landscape of quantum computing.

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