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QuantInTech Podcast Episode 2: Journeying Beyond Quantum Annealing

Join us as we discuss how quantum computing will affect the financial industry with Alexei Kondratyev, Managing Director and Global Head of Data Analytics at Standard Chartered.

Not only is quantum computing the next big thing, but it will be shaping the next technology trends for years to come. That’s the thought of Alexei Kondratyev, Managing Director and Global Head of Data Analytics at Standard Chartered in the latest episode on the QuantInTech Podcast.

In his role as Managing Director and Global Head of Data Analytics, Alexei is responsible for providing data analytics services to Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking divisions of Standard Chartered Bank. Alexei outlines how Standard Chartered are taking an active role in developing their quantum strategy to look for real world quantum advantage – using quantum computing to solve a problem that is beyond the capability of traditional computing – with a focus on the finance industry.

“We are moving towards more gate model quantum computing. We want to explore different techniques…because at the moment it is not clear which one will be the ultimate winner”

The goals of the quantum team within Standard Chartered have remained agile, having started three years ago focussing on adiabatic quantum computing model to now where Alexei and his team are looking in to exploring the digital gate quantum computing model.

A critical aspect for a financial institution, such as Standard Chartered, to gain a quantum advantage is to build partnerships within the industry. These partnerships should cross between hardware and software quantum computing manufacturers and research institutions.

Alexei explores how important it is for enterprises to focus on their own use cases and problems that they need to solve and partnering with manufacturers will help build towards successfully achieving a quantum advantage.

Don’t miss your opportunity to gain key insights in to how the financial industry is journeying to quantum computing through agile benchmarking and key partnerships.

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