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The Quantum Computing Summit London
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QuantInTech Podcast Episode 3: Security & Cryptography

Full scale quantum computers are on the horizon, but this leap presents a threat to the security of cryptography.

Why should we be discussing this now? Is there enough time to safeguard against this threat and who should be responsible in monitoring this?

Helena Handschuh, Securities and Technologies Fellow at Rambus joins us to discuss cryptography security in a post-Quantum era. A topic which can sometimes be dismissed as overhyped, we ask Helena to give us a real breakdown of the risks and threats that will develop alongside quantum technology.

“It’s important to start the discussion early”

Helena's research and responsibilities research in crypto and post-quantum crypto, power analysis and side-channel attacks and countermeasures, and prototyping of new products and security standardization.

The QuantInTech podcast series interviews the outstanding leaders in the emerging field of quantum computing. Hosted by Sita Kalsi, we focus exclusively on quantum computing’s intersection with business. Covering everything from engineering to bench marketing, we aim to provide technology leaders with a look at the developments in quantum technologies, as well as insight into the enterprise use cases shaping the landscape of quantum computing.

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