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The Quantum Computing Summit London
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The Quantum Computing Community: Enterprise Webinar Series

The enterprise webinar series will empower attendees with the knowledge tto build and accelerate their quantum computing strategies. Each webinar will feature industry experts who will offer their insights and will explore the disruptive potential of quantum computing.

Quantum Computing: How to execute a successful PoC from start to finish

Explore how enterprises are able to execute a successful proof of concept in the quest tio build a viable quantum computing business case.

Speakers confirmed include:

  • Sam Lucero, Cheif Analyst, Quantum Computing, Omdia
  • Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer, Classiq Technologies
  • Scott Buchholz, CTO, Deloitte Consulting

What are the appropriate success benchmarks?

How do you indentify the right challenge applicable to quantum computing technology?

What are the steps for building out the potential use case framework?

Option – to talk through a potential problem that might be applicable to quantum computing within an enterprise setting

On Demand| Exploring quantum computing use cases webinar | 18 May 2021 4pm BST / 11am EDT

Absorb insights from enterprise pioneers to ensure you lay the optimum foundations for your quantum computing roadmap.  

This webinar focuses on the real-world applications of quantum computing and the lessons learnt from those who’ve taken QC through to a viable workforce. 

Join us, 18 May, to hear from innovative thought leaders and practitioners of quantum computing on defining the right use cases within your industry. 

Watch on demand.

Methods to identify problems that can be applicable to quantum computing

Defining use cases using examples – optimisation, simulation and machine learning

Applications in focus – industry use cases from Financial Services, Pharma and Logistics & Transport.

Troubleshooting through lessons learnt with the experts

Defining the benchmarks and metrics for success

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On-demand | The road to a coherent quantum computing roadmap

There is an impending tectonic shift which will create unrivalled disruption, brought about by the advent of quantum computing as a tool for business, make sure you stand to benefit from it.

Position yourself on the front foot with exclusive insights from big brands already harnessing quantum computing for business benefit and a preview of the results of our 2021 Marketplace Survey, identifying the QX trends we predict will dominate in the year ahead.

The 2021 QC Marketplace

What and who you need to know

Challenges and opportunities

How to correctly identify problems that QC could solve

Overcoming the organisational barriers to QC

Investment, internal buy-in, and the benchmarks of success

Why Should You Attend?

Anyone that knows the value of assessing new technologies to create cost savings, new revenue streams and competitive advantage should mark this in their calendar.

Whether you are from the R&D department, head up a business unit, or sit within a driven data science team, you should be attending to find out more.

More about the enterprise series...

The Quantum Computing Community: Enterprise Series webinars will address end-users information needs. Curated in partnership with our Advisory Board and the help of our analyst team, these webinars will enable you to accurately assess the potential business impacts behind quantum computing and sharing insights for long-term implementation, resulting in organizational digital transformation.

Interest in speaker at one of our events? Apply here.

Demystifying Quantum Computing Within Organisations - 24 August 4pm BST/11am EST/8am PST

Within organisations, there is an emphasis for those leading the drive to incorporate quantum computing into their emerging technology strategy, to educate their teams on the opportunity and the steps to take. However, with information overload, how do enterprise organisations present quantum computing in a way to secure internal and external stakeholders and progress pilot programmes?

Speakers confirmed include:

  • Gabor Solt, Former Vice President - TMT - Structured Finance at ING Bank
  • Joseph Broz, Vice President, Quantum Growth and Markets at IBM Quantum

How should you present QC to various stakeholders within organisations?

Which stakeholders should you be aligning and working with in accordance to the quantum maturity of your organisation?

Identifying and presenting the business benefits and competitive advantage QC will present

Option – to talk through a potential problem that might be applicable to quantum computing within an enterprise setting