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The Quantum Computing Summit London
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Why attend?

Lay the foundations needed for your company’s quantum computing strategy to thrive. Learn from the enterprises whose roadmap are underway and benefit from their best practices to ensure your success.

Build critical relationships with the solution providers making quantum computing a reality. Gain first-hand access to the key stakeholders providing hardware, software, storage, and services that will enable your implementation.

Will you be spearheading the QC revalution in your industry?

Quantum computing has the potential to disrupt your industry. Gain a competitive edge with access to two days of unrivalled content. This is a time-sensitive opportunity and vital that your company does not miss out. 

Get a head start in your organisation and get ahead of your competitors by utilising the insights available as part of the summit. Actively take steps to build partnerships that will take your company to the next level. 

Key themes for 2021

The Quantum Field Of Dreams

Enterprises have seen the transformative power of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and cloud computing. Quantum computing will be a technology that asks enterprises to take risk to gain enormous business, revenue and competitive advantages.

De-mystifying quantum

Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of quantum and how it will demand new ways of thinking in the context of enterprise architecture, plugging the skills gap and the time and cost investments.

What is the commercialisation roadmap?

Discover how the enterprise sector is industrialising quantum computing, taking proof of concept into a proof of reality to extract the optimal ROI. How does an organisation take quantum computing from a centre of excellence concept through to an operational workflow that demonstrates the trade-off between new technology and business value?

Building quantum projects into the status quo

What are the types of business challenges that are amenable to quantum? The discussion will focus on how you can formulate problems to solve that are translatable to quantum computing technology, building an effective roadmap, allotting realistic timeframes, scaling effectively, and secure internal buy-in.

Turning technical to practical

The architecture approach for quantum is vital in future-proofing enterprise architecture and resulting hardware/software approaches to cater to the demands that quantum will present. How technology-agnostic are you in the context of quantum? Which technology stack will you go for? How are you going to effectively benchmark success?

What does the agenda look like?

Short & Snappy Presentations

Interactive Panel Discussions

Themed Round Tables

Speakers From C-Suite To Technical

Content Steered Via Advisory Board

OD Content - Webinars, Podcasts etc

How Do I Network?

Pre-Event Roundtables

Speaker Q&A Sessions

Closed Door Group Meetings

Interactive Exhibition Zone

Access To Our Online Community

Bespoke Networking Lounge