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The UX Next Workshops & Bootcamps

Google Assistant using Actions on Google

At Google, we believe the future is AI first, and we’re investing heavily in the fields of machine learning, speech recognition and language understanding.

These technologies come together in the Google Assistant, which allows you to have a conversation with Google that helps you get things done. Developers can build apps for the Google Assistant using Actions on Google.

This talk is a primer on the Actions On Google platform. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop Assistant apps using Google’s powerful AI tools, like API.AI.
  • Get in front of your audience, and monetize your applications.
  • Design experiences that delight your users with fantastic conversational UX.
  • We will also give you the option to learn by coding, so please bring your laptop.

Looking forward to see you!

Enriching Connected Customer Experiences Through Data and Design

Nan and Max will discuss how design thinking combined with data centricity can power the creation of holistic experiences that span hardware, software and customer interactions.

  • How do we create “Living” Services that keep up with changing contexts and expectations?
  • How do we understand the key moments that matter in a customer journey and ensure we deliver experiences that work across digital and physical touchpoints?
  • How do we bring human experience considerations into technology and systems decisions to ensure adoption and ROI?
  • We will share actual project experiences from our work with global clients.

Enterprise Virtual Digital Assistants

Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Agents, Virtual Digital Assistants, Bots. By whatever name you call them, these virtual helpers are hot and on the front line of enabling enterprises and customers, employees and stakeholders to communicate with each other using natural language by speech or text. Enterprise virtual digital assistants will live within websites, dedicated mobile apps, space-age IVRs, messaging apps and consumer virtual assistants, like Alexa and Google Home.

But virtual digital assistants are not simple gimmicks. Savvy companies must think hard about what problem they are trying to solve by using a virtual digital assistant. In addition, they will have to consider integrations, privacy, security, interoperability, channels, discoverability and more. Tractica has written extensive research around the virtual digital assistant ecosystem and marketplace.

In this workshop, Tractica will walk through the fundamental market issues for enterprise virtual digital assistants, including:

  • Core technology snapshot of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Virtual Digital Assistant market drivers and barriers
  • Virtual Digital Assistant forecasts for users and revenue
  • Detailed analysis of 7 key enterprise virtual digital assistant use cases
    • Customer Service/Brand Interaction
    • E-Commerce/Sales
    • Virtual Assistants for Patients
    • Productivity and Collaboration
    • Workflow and Project Management
    • Foreign Language Tutoring
    • Tax Filing and Preparation

Principles of Spatial Design

'Principles of Spatial Design' will be led by David Oh, Head of Developer Relations at Meta. 

More information to follow shortly!