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VideoTech Innovation Awards
7 November 2023
Church House Westminster, London

VideoTech Innovation Awards 2023 Entry Tips

We’re often asked how to compose entries that have the best possible chance of winning, and while it’s not an exact science, there are a few things our judges will be on the lookout for.

First, winning entries will be about exceptional success stories. They will be about innovative content and services that deliver an enhanced experience to consumers – and deliver positive results for the companies that provide them.

Citing statistics about consumer use and engagement is a great way of providing evidence of successful innovation, as is a narrative about case studies where the entry is a business-to-business product or solution.

Because our judges will be presented with a large number of entries, please ensure your entry is concise – no longer than 500 words in length. Providing supporting information is encouraged, but this should also be concise and directly relevant.

So what are the judges looking for? The perfect entry will include as much of the following information as possible:

Relevant dates of the project, service or product launch, and subsequent development. All entries should relate to the period from Q3 July 2022 to the present. In practice, this means the projects, services or products should have been commercially available during that period. Specific information about the dates of launches and key milestones met etc. should be included.

The unique points of the project. What makes this project, service or product different? What is its unique selling point? Try to capture its essence in a few sentences. How has it been received by your customers?

Financial impact/return on investment. This is useful in enabling the judges to work out how successful a project, service or product has been. Other performance metrics can also be provided. Hard evidence in numbers is more convincing than the use of superlatives to convince us that something has worked.

How the project and/or product has advanced the category. What makes this project, service or product particularly innovative? Try to explain how it creates a step-change in its category.

Hopefully, that helps direct you somewhat in crafting your entry - we look forward to receiving the submission soon.

Best of luck!