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Walt Anderson

Director at AVEALTO


Walt Anderson has over 25 years of experience in creating fast growing successful organizations.

In 1992, he founded Esprit Telecom Plc.,

Esprit operated throughout the EU countries and conducted its IPO in 1998 (ESPRY-NASDAQ). In 1999, Esprit was acquired for around EUR1 Billion by GTS, a publicly traded telecom operator.

Mr. Anderson co-founded Telco Communication Group, Inc., a US based long distance carrier, in 1993. Telco’s IPO was in 1997 (TCGX-NASDAQ).

Mr. Anderson also co-founded the International Space University (ISU), located in Strasbourg, France, in 1998, and helped ISU establish a permanent campus, endowment and an internationally respected academic program. The ISU now operates an accredited Masters’ program, along with a summer school and professional development courses.

Mr. Anderson has played a central role in creating billions of dollars of new value for his investors through the high-growth, high-tech organizations he has founded, managed, and been associated with.


What is the Avealto vision? What challenges are you trying to solve?

AVEALTO is in the final stages of creating a High Altitude Platform ("HAP") to provide telecom infrastructure. The primary technical challenge is for our vehicle to remain in a stationary position between 20,000 to 25,000 meter altitude for a minimum of 6 months.

How do you see HAP’s complementing the traditional satellite offering?  

Geosats remain the best option for "one to many" services which cover a large geographical territory (such as direct to home television). An AVEALTO HAP will be able to provide a low cost telecom infrastructure with a very low latency .

Who will be your customers and what industries will you play in?

Anyone that now uses Satellite services for point to point communications could be our customers. VSAT operators who now purchase Goesynchronous transponders could benefit from lower cost and lower latency HAP service that to provide high quality telecom services.

You are currently developing prototype vehicles, talk us through your progress

AVEALTO is now testing an actual "half scale" vehicle that is 28 meters in length. Once these test are completed we will build our operational prototype which will be 56+ meters in length. Extensive prior testing has has been done on an 8 meter and 11 meter vehicles as well as high altitude balloon testing of components and component systems.

What challenges do you foresee that might slow your progress?

There are always a technical risks in developing any new system. The primary challenge initially is likely to be regulatory challenges from entrenched incumbent telecom operators. In many parts of the world we are finding that the flexibility and cost savings of HAP technology will overcome regulatory hurdles.

Why do you think VSAT Global is such an important event?

VSAT operators major investment is in ground stations and customer acquisition. VSAT operators are not tied to costly satellites. Existing VSAT technologies will be able work with AVEALTO High Altitude Plaforms by adjusting adjusting the antenna direction.Transmission power is also reduced since the HAP is much closer. VSAT operators will be able to offer their customer a lower cost, provide more bandwidth and retain high margins. AVEALTO believes that HAP technology will significantly increase the overall size of the VSAT market.

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