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5G World Summit
24-26 October 2023
Porte de VersaillesParis
24-26 October 2023
Porte de Versailles,


What does the connected consumer want in a 5G world? What are the applications in transport that we should expect and why is 5G offering the best opportunity for V2X services now? 5G World is the place to answer all of these burning questions, bringing you dedicated free to attend content on Driving Transport towards 5G.


Explore the connected customer journey, learn about the 5G road race, 5G, AI and AR and why is 5G powering next generation vehicles. Register for your free visitor ticket giving you access to all of the above plus a dedicated 5G exhibition and free stages on how advanced connectivity will reshape the healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities industries and more.

Building a City Which Supports the Connected Journey

What are TfWM’s plans to improve the customer journey?

  • Bikes, busses, trains, underground and taxis: what is the future of transport?
  • Understanding plans for 5G: what will the impact be for transport?

Panel: A Connected Customer Journey

Understanding the traveller: what do people want from their journeys?

  • What does the customer journey look like in a 5G world?
  • The tech-consumer divide: do people want 5G and connected vehicles?
  • 5G applications in transport: what should we expect from vehicles?

5G, AI and AR: Driving New Vehicle Infotainment

  • What new services are being powered by the latest generation of technology?
  • Transforming infotainment on-the-go: understanding the new services powered by 5G
  • Introducing in-vehicle AR: supporting the customer with next-level experience

5G triumphs: Why 5G is Offering the Best Opportunity for V2X Services

  • Investigating the latest V2X developments: vehicle to vehicle, infrastructure , pedestrial and network communications
  • The next challenge: creating cities that support v2v infrastructure communication
  • 5G vs WIFI: benefits and challenges for ‘car language’

Panel: Don’t Drive Over the Edge: Connecting Vehicles with the Latest Technologies

  • Understanding the role of edge computing in connected vehicles
  • From three-wheelers to monster trucks: building technology to connect all vehicle types
  • From connected vehicles to autonomous vehicles: understanding and overcoming technical challenges