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Most Innovative Product or Service Award

The Most Innovative Product or Service Award recognises a game-changing product or service that provided it’s target market with significant new opportunities for revenue growth or customer satisfaction.

Ericsson and MTN Benin Operations Engine, Ericsson’s intelligent operations capabilities and platform, lands first deal in Africa with MTN Benin.
Ericsson and MTN Benin Operations Engine, Ericsson’s intelligent operations capabilities and platform, lands first deal in Africa with MTN Benin.

Ericsson Operations Engine is an AI-based managed services offering for communications service providers. The solution is an end-to-end managed services operating model that, through AI, automation, and the power of data, reimagines network and IT operations, network design and optimization, and applications development and maintenance. The Ericsson Operations Engine directly and proactively addresses service providers’ managed services complexity challenges as the industry moves towards the reality of 5G and IoT.

For MTN Benin, Ericsson is now deploying the Ericsson Operations Engine enterprise architecture as the key enabler of data driven operations. This is achieved through the development of robotic processing algorithms, thereby advancing into predictable operations, preventing incidents and smartly managing operations. The ultimate goal of the deployment of Ericsson Operations Engine is to improve customer experience, improve network quality with reduced incidents in the network, improved mean time to repair, advanced KPI performance management, smart optimization and capacity management.  

Evina DCBProtect
Evina DCBProtect

Evina DCBprotect is a positively disruptive cybersecurity solution for payments and advertising that allows MNOs, merchants, ad networks and payment gateways all over the world to fend off fraudsters and exploit new markets.
With the protection of Evina, major players the world over have eliminated fraud and been able to grow their businesses by:
-       Unlocking more efficient payment flows
-       Accessing more profitable traffic sources
-       Enabling mutually beneficial partnerships.
The Evina DCBprotect solution effectively blocks fraud on carrier billing and maximizes the number of legitimate transactions while increasing revenue. It does this by using the power of carrier billing to the full. (99,7% of fraudulent transactions detected, 0,2% false positive rate, <100ms latency). Payment flows are optimized for both end-users and market players without any substantial risks.
Evina increases revenue by dealing with fraud in the right way in more than 60 countries, including South Africa and involving tens of millions of transactions daily.
Evina has dedicated more than 15 years to developing advanced cybersecurity technology with the most comprehensive fraud sensors and the richest data captured through a dedicated global mobile honeypot network across more than 70 countries. This is  complemented with the best decision making through machine learning and cyber threat intelligence led by our cybersecurity research engineers.

Huawei and RAIN jointly develop the Quick-win Modular Site Solution
Huawei and RAIN jointly develop the Quick-win Modular Site Solution

Rain is the first 5G operator in South Africa, aims to quickly deploy 5G for end-users and bring advanced 5G technologies with high bandwidth and low latency to South Africa people to enrich their lives and connections.

Site density is one of the major difficulties in 5G deployment. To meet Rain and end-users' requirements for rapid deployment, Huawei has developed the Modular Site solution, which enables quick-win deployment within three days and rollout within one week.

The Modular Site solution focuses on residential areas, roads, hospitals, and large shopping malls. The mobility feature can quickly meet the temporary coverage requirements of ball games and gatherings, especially in areas where traffic bursts during COVID-19, modular sites can be deployed to quickly solve coverage problems. As the impact of COVID-19 decreases, heavy-traffic areas change. Modular sites can be quickly disassembled and redeployed. Realize environmental protection, low-cost site construction, and reuse customer requirements.

Huawei and Rain will deploy more than one hundred this modular sites in South Africa to meet their 5G end-users' coverage requirements.

Orange - Smart Energie - Rural Electrification
Orange - Smart Energie - Rural Electrification

600 million people live in Africa without access to reliable electricity. They often use off-grid energy sources which can damage their health and the environment, such as candles, kerosene lamps, diesel generators. The majority of these people lives in remote areas, where electricity can make a huge difference in their everyday life. People connected to the grid, even in the metropolises, often suffer from unreliable service levels, which are often backed up with diesel generators. They need a consistent and reliable energy source.

Orange has chosen to contribute to the challenge of electrifying Africa in countries within its footprint. Orange provides a Solar Home System associated with an energy ecosystem that combines the world's most efficient LED lights and appliances to optimize the energy output from their solar panels. The solar kits that Orange is distributing can light up a whole house, charge the household’s mobile phones, and power a radio, or even a television or a fan. Quick and easy to set-up, all is required is to install a solar panel on the roof and a control unit in the house.

This allows Orange to provide dependable energy services each and every day.

PCCW Global - Console Connect
PCCW Global - Console Connect

Big business wants to be innovative and agile by taking advantage of new and disruptive technologies that the public cloud has to offer. However, the public internet has too many shortcomings for largescale implementation of business-to-business applications, including security challenges, inconsistent quality, delays and excessive technical complexity.

Tackling these challenges head-on, PCCW Global’s Console Connect, the world’s first platform for Software-Defined Interconnection®, is a game-changer for business - making the process of connecting to cloud-based, business-critical applications and geographically distributed offices, partners and clients simple, predictable and secure.

Console Connect incorporates network automation software that manages access to PCCW Global’s dependable, high-speed global private MPLS network, allowing users with minimal technical ability to quickly spin-up virtual private connections, bypassing the insecure and unpredictable public Internet and directly connecting to cloud application providers, partners and business locations.

Carriers and service providers are now also able to connect through the industry’s first wholesale NNI solution, providing access to a global network on-demand with instant provisioning to uncontended bandwidth on a pay as you go basis.

As the core of PCCW Global’s international digital platform, Console Connect is 100% integrated into the provision of our global network services, including the ongoing development of additional products and services, innovative apps and IoT development.

Investment in innovation has led to a new level of speed and agility that can be achieved in a few clicks with a simple, easy-to-use web portal, or can be integrated directly into enterprise applications via an API - providing robust and secure enterprise-wide access to partner infrastructure and the world’s leading cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure as well as Google, Tencent, Alibaba, IBM and Oracle cloud services.

PCCW Global has also invested significantly in human resources to maintain and develop new technology-based services over the Console Connect platform. The Console Connect Automation Software team based in Brisbane, Australia, now has more than 50 full-time employees dedicated to developing innovative services across the PCCW Global MPLS network that includes 664,000km of diverse cable capacity and over 22tb/s of global fibre capacity.

The impact of the provision of these services has been globally measured and universally acknowledged to bring tremendous benefits in terms of both reduced costs and network performance. Consequently, Console Connect is not just a cloud offering - it is the cloud offering that provides secure and reliable access to the combined services provided via all hyper-scale cloud providers over a secure global network that can be provisioned in minutes.

Upstream - Secure-D
Upstream - Secure-D

Mobile ad fraud is a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise on the global scale. As smartphones have become the focal point of people's digital lives (particularly as the world experiences lockdown situations), so too have they become the focal point for online crime.

Secure-D tackles this invisible digital threat through Upstream's expertise in mobile transaction processing, applied machine learning and behavioural analytics. Upstream's proprietary mobile anti-fraud platform combats mobile ad fraud, protects mobile subscribers and safeguards mobile operators.

Upstream works directly with mobile operators to protect tens of millions of consumers immediately. In order to catch the culprits (malicious apps), Secure-D is integrated into the operator's purchase page via an HTML Fragment. This simple process enables Secure-D to prevent fraudulent transactions and allows the system to pinpoint the exact device that is impacted. This facilitates personal communication from the operator to inform their customer and empower issue remediation.

Upstream provides unparalleled accuracy in mobile transaction security by training machine learning models on the 1.7 billion transactions (2019 FY) Secure-D processes annually. Secure-D delivers real-time fraud prevention and post-activation validation through a unique ability to detect malware on a device without being installed on the device. It is also the only product in the market to include a module which actually removes malware from infected devices.

One of the largest operators in South Africa, MTN, with approximately 30 million subscribers, began experiencing customer complaints about unauthorised subscriptions to digital services. Secure-D's investigation revealed that a staggering 94% of the 1 million online mobile transactions processed each day were fraudulent. In total, the team identified 1.73 million malware-infected devices.