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Tractica's Telecom Artificial Intelligence Use Cases In Africa


Spending on AI-driven software for telecom use cases in Africa will grow from $4.4 million in 2018 to more than $265 million in 2025. Access the in-depth report to gain insight on seven key telecom AI use cases in an African context.

Latest News

GSMA Backs W20 Call to Action on Women's Digital Inclusion

After a year-long international dialogue process, Women 20 (W20), the official engagement group of the G20 that advocates for policies towards gender equality, submitted its recommendations to increase women’s participation in economies and societies. 

The Final Communiqué was delivered to Heads of State, represented by the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri, during the W20 Summit held on October 1-3 in Buenos Aires. The document includes recommendations to implement policies in four areas of action: digital inclusion, labour inclusion, financial inclusion and rural development.

AI: Human Capacity Reimagined

Artificial intelligence is already having an impact across Africa: Nigerian doctors are experimenting with AI for medical diagnoses; Sophia, the robot who was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship last year, was partly developed in Ethiopia; and Google has recently announced that it is opening an AI research centre in Accra, Ghana. 

The impact of AI is already apparent in most global industries -- retail, oil & gas, finance, health, IT, energy, telecoms, as well as transport, travel & tourism and media -- and has the potential to reach more and do more. In a 2017 report, PwC estimated that AI tech could increase the GDP of Africa, the Middle East and the developing regions of Asia by US$1.2 trillion by 2030.

Angola Cables: Connecting the Americas

The recent completion of the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) that runs from Angola to Brazil is set to create a new wave of business opportunities for Angola, according to Angola Cables CEO António Nunes. 

Talking with Connecting Africa's sister online community Broadband World News recently, Nunes noted that, prior to SACS, "between Africa and South America, there was no cable available... SACS will be bringing to West Africa -- and Angola specifically -- a diversity of routes to the Americas. Because we have cable from Brazil to the US, we have direct connectivity to South and North America," he added.

Fuelling New Growth for Africa's Digital Society - AfricaCom TV Interview with Huawei's Paul Scanlan

AfricaCom TV welcomed Paul Michael Scanlan,  CTO, Carrier Network Business Group at Huawei Technologies to the 20th anniversary event. In an exclusive interview, Mr Scanlan talks about building the African digital society, developing markets together and the evolution he has seen within African telecommunications from the mid-90's to today.

The Role of Mobile in Expanding the Digital Economy - AfricaCom TV Interview with MTN's Herman Singh

AfricaCom TV sat down with Herman Singh, Group Chief Digital Officer at MTN and 'Visions For Africa' keynote speaker at the 20th anniversary event. Mr Singh discussed the role of mobile as a platform for expanding the African digital economy & mapping Africa's journey through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Amplifying the Impact of ICTD4D - AfricaCom TV Interview with Vodacom's Karen Smit

AfricaCom TV was proud to welcome Vodacom's Principal Specialist for Specific Needs, Karen Smit, to the 20th anniversary event. In this extended interview, Mrs Smit discusses the evolution of digital inclusion and what the future promises for those with specific needs in 'Digital Africa'.

The Future of African Broadcasting - AfricaCom TV Interview with John Momoh, Channels Media

What are the hallmarks of a successful African broadcaster, how can the industry remain sustainable in the long term and what does the future hold for African media? AfricaCom TV sat down with CEO and Chairman of Channels Media Group, John Momoh OON.


The African startup scene has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, with well over 300 tech hubs now established across the continent. In this webinar, we discuss how to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to thrive, predicting the hottest sectors for growth and where investors should be taking notice. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking for guidance or a potential African tech investor, this webinar will be the perfect introduction to the ecosystem.


There are now more mobile phones than people on the African continent with data traffic increasing by more than 50% in 2015. Bringing connectivity to rural Africa and bridging the digital divide is still, however, the biggest challenge facing the African telecommunications sector. Our expert panel assess digital connectivity in Africa, identify barriers to connectivity and where the best solutions to these bottlenecks lie. Tune in as our panelists deep-dive into the most comprehensive webinar on African connectivity of 2017.

Digital Week 2017: FinTech & the Future of Banking in Africa

FinTech disruptors are transforming banking in Africa - case in point, the nearly 90 million mobile money users on the continent as of this year. Mobile money, Bitcoin and Blockchain are coming to define the banking and finance landscape, while going a long way in helping bank the previously unbankable.  But what does Blockchain really mean for Africa and how exactly is it shaping the future of banking here? Bankymoon CEO Lorien Gamaroff explains it all.

Digital Week 2017: The Digital Health Clinic

One of the biggest revolutions in African technology has undoubtedly come in the form of what it can enable in terms of socio-economic development. This is no more relevant than in the area eHealth innovation. We'll be tracking the rise of digital health and showcasing the mHealth technologies uplifting African healthcare. Explore what eHealth can do for rural healthcare and the encouraging results the sector has experienced so far.

Digital Week 2017: The African Regulatory Landscape

The regulation landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa is both complex and varied and who best to navigate this for us than independent researcher and consultant at the South African Communications Forum, Nomonde Gongxeka-Seopa. Nomonde will be analysing the policy regulation approaches building connectivity in Africa, through collaboration between business, government and society. For all those looking for a more nuanced understanding of African connectivity regulation, this is the webinar for you.

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