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Latest News

Congolese Minister Eyes 5G Opportunity

Africa does not immediately spring to mind when one talks about 5G. Nor would Congo usually be the first country mentioned in connection with 5G in Africa. But the Congolese minister for telecom is determined to put his country on the 5G map.

Léon Juste Ibombo, the Minister of Post, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, has recently been in meetings with a Spanish technology company called Applus+ that could help to propel Congo into the 5G future. Ibombo's particular hope is Applus+ will help to restore fortunes at Congo Télécom, the ailing telecom incumbent.

Google & Partners Are Connecting Nigeria to Free WiFi Hotspots

Google announced at its recent Google for Nigeria event that 200 WiFi hotspots will be offered free of charge to connect 10 million Nigerians to the Internet. It plans to start in the capital city of Lagos before expanding into the states of Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu and Abuja in 2019.

Under the banner of Google Station, the hotspots do not form a part of Google's Loon project. Instead, they will use a fiber optic network rolled out by local ISP 21st Century, with Google(Nasdaq: GOOG) providing software and technical support. 

Smart Cities, 5G & IoT Take Center Stage at AfricaCom 2018

Digital Africa is watching the clock -- the countdown to several key developments set to recalibrate both the African tech and telecoms sectors has begun. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now taking hold on the continent, and those within the ecosystem are placing bets as to the timescale for a 5G launch on South African soil and where the first fully realised smart city will emerge.

But what, and who, are the key drivers behind these developments? And how far has Africa got in terms of its digital development and its efforts to bridge the digital divide?

Fuelling New Growth for Africa's Digital Society - AfricaCom TV Interview with Huawei's Paul Scanlan

AfricaCom TV welcomed Paul Michael Scanlan,  CTO, Carrier Network Business Group at Huawei Technologies to the 20th anniversary event. In an exclusive interview, Mr Scanlan talks about building the African digital society, developing markets together and the evolution he has seen within African telecommunications from the mid-90's to today.

The Role of Mobile in Expanding the Digital Economy - AfricaCom TV Interview with MTN's Herman Singh

AfricaCom TV sat down with Herman Singh, Group Chief Digital Officer at MTN and 'Visions For Africa' keynote speaker at the 20th anniversary event. Mr Singh discussed the role of mobile as a platform for expanding the African digital economy & mapping Africa's journey through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Amplifying the Impact of ICTD4D - AfricaCom TV Interview with Vodacom's Karen Smit

AfricaCom TV was proud to welcome Vodacom's Principal Specialist for Specific Needs, Karen Smit, to the 20th anniversary event. In this extended interview, Mrs Smit discusses the evolution of digital inclusion and what the future promises for those with specific needs in 'Digital Africa'.

The Future of African Broadcasting - AfricaCom TV Interview with John Momoh, Channels Media

What are the hallmarks of a successful African broadcaster, how can the industry remain sustainable in the long term and what does the future hold for African media? AfricaCom TV sat down with CEO and Chairman of Channels Media Group, John Momoh OON.


The African startup scene has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, with well over 300 tech hubs now established across the continent. In this webinar, we discuss how to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to thrive, predicting the hottest sectors for growth and where investors should be taking notice. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking for guidance or a potential African tech investor, this webinar will be the perfect introduction to the ecosystem.


There are now more mobile phones than people on the African continent with data traffic increasing by more than 50% in 2015. Bringing connectivity to rural Africa and bridging the digital divide is still, however, the biggest challenge facing the African telecommunications sector. Our expert panel assess digital connectivity in Africa, identify barriers to connectivity and where the best solutions to these bottlenecks lie. Tune in as our panelists deep-dive into the most comprehensive webinar on African connectivity of 2017.

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