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AfricaCom 2024
Core Agenda & Exhibition: 11-14 Nov
Exhibition Opening Dates: 12 - 14 Nov 2024Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town



CE+T Power is a Belgian company active worldwide that designs, manufactures and markets solutions for the conversion of electric current (from direct current to alternating current and vice versa). These solutions can be products (inverters, rectifiers, UPS, etc.), systems (integrating the mentioned products) or services (installation and maintenance).

Since the 60’s, CE+T Power is specialised in the electrical power back up for critical applications. Located in Wandre (near Liège), the company has a turnover of more than 40 million euros and employs 275 people worldwide. The company has built its international reputation over the years, notably due to the winning of the Little Box Challenge organised by Google in 2016 (with an award of 1 million US$) and the Gold label “Best Managed Companies” by Deloitte.

The company's customers initially needed a solution to secure the power supply. Increasingly, requests are coming in to meet the needs of the energy transition. CE+T strives to offer solutions that meet the needs of yesterday and tomorrow with its innovative converters.

The transportation and distribution of electricity are becoming more and more complex. With the new renewable sources, the stabilization of the grid is a real challenge.

We provide solutions to power and secure all the equipment you need throughout your transportation infrastructure.

Our customers are both TSOs (transmission system operators; high-voltage) and DSOs (distribution system operations; medium to low-voltage).

Energy storage solutions, Power Boost applications, EV Charging, Smart Genset, Microgrid, Grid stabilization ..

Energy Management Solutions

There are smart ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We provide innovative converters to create great solutions.

We offer 3 technology platforms, each based on innovative converters with 3 bidirectional ports.

Depending on your requirements, our platforms can provide:

  • Single module to connect everything (3 ports);
  • Modular, to invest step by step;
  • Battery protection (galvanic isolation);
  • Grid disturbances protection;
  • Compatibility with many battery chemistries;
  • Compactness and lightness.
  • But also features for energy storage such as MPPT or specific certifications.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Shave peaks of consumption;
  • Increase self-consumption (renewable energy);
  • Get paid for demand response (by shifting your consumption)
  • Benefit from a pure power supply (no voltage drop, sag or surge).

Optionally, the solution can be sized to perform power backup to secure your critical equipment.

For short peak shavings or a few minutes backup, exploit the potential of our pluggable, green, safe and light battery..

Our Markets: Utilities, Telecom, Industry, Datacenter, O&G, Transport, Emergency Lighting CBS…

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