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AI Business Academy

Certified AI Practitioner

Solving business challenges through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Starts No 16th: 10 x 1/2 Days as a Virtual Classroom

Course Overview

10 Half Days as a Virtual Classroom

This course shows you how to apply various approaches and algorithms to solve business problems through AI and ML, follow a methodical workflow to develop sound solutions, use open source, off-the-shelf tools to develop, test, and deploy those solutions, and ensure that they protect the privacy of users.

Attend the 10 half days virtual classroom and you will be able to:

Solve a business problem that uses applied AI and ML

○ Collect & refine a dataset to prepare it for training and testing

○ Train and tune a machine learning model

○ Finalise a machine learning model

○ Present the results to the appropriate audience

○ Build linear regression models

○ Build classification models

○ Build clustering models

○ Build decision trees and random forests

○ Build support-vector machines (SVMs)

○ Build artificial neural networks (ANNs)

○ Promote data privacy & ethical practices within AI & ML      projects

Programme Agenda:

Lesson 1: Solving Business Problems Using AI and ML

Lesson 2: Collecting and Refining the Dataset

Lesson 3: Setting Up and Training a Model

Lesson 4: Finalizing a Model

Lesson 5: Building Linear Regression Models

Lesson 6: Building Classification Models

Lesson 7: Building Clustering Models

Lesson 8: Building Advanced Models

Lesson 9: Building Support-Vector Machines

Lesson 10: Building Artificial Neural Networks

Lesson 11: Promoting Data Privacy and Ethical Practices