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AI Masterclass
Join our AI Masterclass & Experience The AI Summit London 2022

AI Masterclass

Preparing business leaders for an AI-ready world

Tobacco Dock London

15 – 16 June 2022 (2 Days)


AI Masterclass at The AI Summit London 2022

The masterclass will be a mix of theoretical understanding, practical application, and world-class event! Highly interactive, our instructors use a range of videos, case studies, guest speakers and discussions. Participants will also be invited to share their experiences both in break-out discussions and guided collaborative session. For 2022, you’ll also be able to experience The AI Summit London in the afternoon!

Why Attend this AI Masterclass?

Masterclass: Artificial Intelligence for CXOs

  • We all know that embracing AI is vital for business success. In the coming decade or so, organisations which fail to embrace AI will shrink, and many will disappear. Embracing AI means understanding it, and understanding what it can do for your organisation.
  • AI is a large and complicated subject, beset by jargon and high costs. Because it only became profitable at scale after the AI Big Bang in 2012, industries are still learning how to deploy it. How can you place yourself at or near the cutting edge without finding yourself on the bleeding edge?
  • This intensive masterclass is the answer. Presented by two world leaders in the field, it will give you the confidence to talk about AI on equal terms with people inside and outside your organisation. It will enable you to chart a profitable course.
  • Exclusive to this AI Masterclass, you can also access The AI Summit London. Use your afternoon free-time to explore unparalleled opportunities for discover, networking sessions that will expand your circle, and an insane line-up of tech heavyweights.

How much will it cost?

Get access to the AI Masterclass at only £1,500 (+VAT) including:

  • The entrance to the Keynote sessions on both conference days during The AI Summit London.
  • Learning about the new developments in the industry, and how these new technologies affect your industry.
  • Explore the unparalleled networking opportunities that the world's largest enterprise-focused AI event provides.

What sets this course apart?

Explore How AI Will Shape The Future Of Business

Incorporate AI Into Strategic Planning & Execution

Identify Real Business Challenges & AI Solutions for your Business

Learn How To Leverage AI For Commercial Value & Competitive Advantage

Opportunity to Experience The AI Summit London 2022

World-Class Keynote Speakers, Exclusive for this AI Masterclass

Attend the AI Masterclass and you will be able to:

Develop new business models and identify areas for future competitive advantage

Understand business technical requirements and various tech aspects

Develop the knowledge to impact strategic debate and contribute actively to technology, financial, management and marketing decisions

Discuss with confidence the emerging dynamics of the AI market and wider technology ecosystem

Build an agile, innovative organisation that is best placed to monetize creativity

Drive significant change and digital transformation across the business

Identify areas for sustainable competitive advantage as the market evolves

Implement customer-focused strategies to build loyalty and maximise ROI

Gain insight into real world challenges in the industry and how they can be resolved