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Broadband World Forum
24-26 October 2023, Porte de Versailles

Akos Bona, Digital Skills & Jobs EU Coalition at European Commission

In advance of his talk on inclusion, up-skilling and diversity in the broadband industry at Broadband World Forum this October; Akos Bona joined us for an exclusive interview to discuss why these initiatives are so important today, and for the future.

Broadband World Forum (BBWF): In your opinion, why is inclusion, up-skilling and diversity so key in the broadband industry today?

Akos Bona (AB): The speed of the forth revolution on industry - better known as Industry 4.0 - is so rapid that if individuals or companies don’t keep up with the pace, they will be left behind. There’s no second chance in today’s rapidly changing world. As a result, inclusion, up-skilling and diversity are crucial to creating the steady environment that broadband companies need.

BBWF: How can organisations promote and build this inclusive culture?

AB: Organizations who would like to succeed in the digital future must be responsive to change, and be open to finding disruptive ways to develop the best solutions and services to their industry.

BBWF: So, do you see technology and innovation as key to this progression?

AB: Yes – they are definitely both key ingredients of success in todays' rapidly changing business environment. However, businesses need to remember that both of them are useless without the best manpower on board to direct this innovation and technology.

BBWF: Do you have any examples of where technology and/or innovation have been successful in up-skilling and diversifying a workforce?

BBWF: I think the best that I have seen is around the protection of digital identity and security – both of which are amongst the most important topics of today and tomorrow. There is a solution called DoqDrive that solves the problem of having a 100% guaranteed digital identity on the internet, creating the future of paperless offices and government administration that goes along with an immerse, in-depth training of individuals on the proper usage of the application and the internet in general

BBWF: How can organisations measure the success of these initiatives?

AB: The easiest measure of tomorrow's success is still staying in business and having partners from around the world

BBWF: Finally, what is your call to action for the industry today?

AB: It’s pretty simply. Learn - Share - Change!


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