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Broadband World Forum
24-26 October 2023, Porte de Versailles

24-26 October 2023, Porte de Versailles

Premium Wi-Fi & eAI Reshapes Home Network Experience

At the Broadband World Forum 2020, Jonathan Tang, Director of Huawei Home Network Marketing Dept, delivered a keynote speech titled "PremiumWi-Fi & eAI Reshapes Home Network Experience".

Written by the team at Huawei

In his speech, Jonathan will discuss the Huawei Premium Wi-Fi home network solution, including Wi-Fi 6, mesh networking, optical network terminals (ONTs) with embedded artificial intelligence (eAI), and intelligent O&M iMaster NCE. This solution aims to build premium home broadband networks that deliver optimal service experience.

The growing popularity of 4K/8K video, cloud gaming, and VR gaming services puts greater pressure on home broadband networks, particularly on bandwidth and latency. For example, live 4K online learning requires a symmetric bandwidth of 50 Mbps, latency lower than 20 ms, and a packet loss rate lower than 0.5%, while optimal cloud VR requires a bandwidth of 540 Mbps and latency lower than 10 ms. However, in a traditional home network environment, VIP services such as online gaming and HD video streaming cannot be guaranteed due to interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi, long latency, and poor coverage as a result of obstacles such as walls.

Jonathan Tang, Director of Huawei Home Network Marketing Dept at BBWF 2020

Don't miss Jonathan Tang's keynote speech "PremiumWi-Fi & eAI Reshapes Home Network Experience" at Broadband World Forum. 


User-centred innovation has seen the Huawei PremiumWi-Fi home network solution to develop four features. These include zero frame freezing, high-speed wall-penetrating signals, reduced yearly home visits, and a reduced carbon footprint that is equivalent to planting one tree per device a year.

1. Zero frame freezing: Using neural network AI learning, the world's first eAI acceleration function supports 1-level identification and 2-level acceleration. It can intelligently identify VIP services such as games, online learning, and online office, and provide dedicated Wi-Fi channels for such services to cut latency by half and ensure smooth service experience.

2. High-speed wall-penetrating signals: Huawei Wi-Fi 6 ONTs use the 160 MHz spectrum to deliver up to gigabit bandwidth. Thanks to high-gain antennas and smart Wi-Fi algorithms such as mesh networking, high-speed Wi-Fi signals from Huawei ONTs can penetrate multiple walls, providing full coverage for homes and seamless roaming between Wi-Fi access points. In a recent comparison test conducted by a third party, Huawei Wi-Fi 6 ONTs outperformed other Wi-Fi 6 ONTs in all areas.

3. Reduced yearly home visits: Using the Huawei iMaster NCE intelligent O&M platform, users can quickly install ONTs by themselves, and operators can learn about home service experience from various dimensions and perform remote diagnosis and optimization. This helps reduce home visits by 30%, saving considerable money on OPEX.

4. Reduced carbon footprint equivalent to planting one tree per device a year: The ONTs run at full power during peak hours and hibernate during off-peak hours, fulfilling the COC v7 energy efficiency standard. Compared with the industry average, each Huawei ONT device reduces carbon that is equivalent to a tree planted each year.


In April 2020, China Unicom (Beijing), Huawei, and VIPKID released the commercial education broadband package following joint research and collaboration. The package delivers a gigabit broadband, and performs big data analysis and AI acceleration modeling to solve user experience issues. Compared with traditional ONTs, Huawei's OptiXstar education ONTs used in this package leverage eAI to half the latency to an average of approximately 50 ms, allowing HD online courses to run smoothly, even during peak hours. This solution is well received within the online education field.

Huawei is committed to making digital life more entertaining for consumers by building premium home broadband networks together with operators, and is looking forward to more extensive cooperation with industry partners to promote FTTH, develop more pioneering technologies, and make business sustainable for the entire ecosystem.


Join Huawei at this year's Broadband World Forum as Jonathan Tang, Director of Huawei Home Network Marketing Dept, takes the stage for the keynote session; 'PremiumWi-Fi & eAI Reshapes Home Network Experience' on October 13th at 10:45 am (BST).