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Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam|

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Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam

Market landscape for Broadband

Impacts of COVID-19 and Developing Post-Pandemic Consumer Broadband Strategies

The COVID-19 crisis has brought fundamental change to people’s daily lives as well as to the way companies organize their business operations and, as a result, the consumer broadband market has not been overly negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This executive summary is crucial in helping service providers, equipment vendors and governments navigate the key impacts of COVID-19 and developing post-pandemic consumer broadband strategies.

Analyst Opinion: 50G PON

Discover what Dan Grossman, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, has to say on the evolution and emergence of 50G PON in this exclusive Broadband World Forum interview

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam

Technology Roadmap for Passive Optical Networks: The Next Step is 50G PON

The fixed access telecom industry is in transition from 3rd-Generation PON (1-2.5G PON, including GPON and GEPON) to 4th Generation PON (10G PON, including XG-PON, XGS-PON, 10G EPON, and NG-PON2). XGS-PON is now leading in this transition. The next step in the roadmap is 50G PON. This will mark a significant change in the architecture of PON OLT and ONT transceivers. 100G, 200G and even faster PONs are in the research phase. Other PONs are also proposed, but outside the mainstream.


FRITZ! product launches for cable internet and Wi-Fi 6

AVM is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of products for broadband connections and the digital home. In keeping with the slogan "Gigabit Power. Smart Wi-Fi." AVM will be presenting solutions for a powerful home network for broadband connections at this year's Broadband World Forum. Read AVM's press release on their latest product launch!


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Technology Roadmap for Passive Optical Networks: The Next Step is 50G PON

Strategy Analytics: Complementary Report: Technology Roadmap for Passive Optical Networks

Technology Roadmap for Passive Optical Networks: The Next Step is 50G PON observes the progress of 4th Generation (10 Gbps) PONs, projects that the 5th Generation (50 Gbps) PON will be deployed in volume by 2026, and looks further forward to the 6th Generation by 2033.

Huzhou Mobile Improves Broadband User Satisfaction with Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solutions

As a leader in providing high-quality broadband services in Zhejiang province, Huzhou Mobile first launched the "Happy i Home" smart home service brand in 2021. Focusing on the broadband rate, O&M service, and smart home, Huzhou Mobile comprehensively builds the "speed+, service+, and smart+" capabilities to provide users with gigabit premium service experience and build the reputation of mobile home broadband, achieving success in both user base growth and service quality improvement.

Full-fiber Broadband Service with Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution, Brings New Digital Life Experience

Following the "Fast network construction" principle, Huawei updated its SingleFAN Pro solution with digital capabilities, consisting of Huawei OptiXaccess series Blade OLTs, Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN), OptiXstar series ONTs and iMaster NCE. Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution will provided full-fiber broadband services for the new digital life experience.

Telco Smart Home Strategies

The smart home is a market segment that many broadband service providers (SPs) have been eager to capitalize on for a long time. However, as most have found out, the creation of an attractive product and service proposition for the smart home is not an easy task and many challenges remain.

Smart WIFI

Smart WiFi ensures that fixed-line providers have a crucial role in the smart home market, however there remains competition from the likes of Amazon and Google. Service providers must offer smart Wi-Fi platforms and position Wi-Fi more as a service.

BBWF Report

Next-Gen PON enables fixed-line providers to serve more than just the consumer market. Service providers should capitalise on the component, equipment and infrastructure markets to drive new revenues

Post-Pandemic Cable Broadband Access:

In the midst of the pandemic, cable operators fulfilled these bandwidth demands in real-time, using centralized-based and tapping into DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities to meet urgent bandwidth capacity demands. With the pressure on the home network lessening and many major cable announcing PON migration plans, The global cable broadband access equipment market will peak at $1 billion in 2024 but begin a slow decline


Covering a range of topics, Light Reading and's articles offer expert insight into technology trends, challenges and the latest news in the telecommunications industry today.

Charter exploring targeted 'high-split' upstream upgrades

Charter Communications has shed a bit more light on its future "high-split" upgrades that will beef up the amount of capacity dedicated to the upstream on today's DOCSIS 3.1 networks and, down the road, on its future DOCSIS 4.0 networks.

Ofcom upbeat on UK fibre growth but it’s all relative

Almost a quarter of UK households now have access to full fibre broadband and Ofcom is pretty excited about that.

The UK telecoms regulator’s latest ‘Connected Nations’ update puts full fibre coverage at 24%, with 6.9 million homes passed, as of May 2021.

'Inefficient' NBN Co ARPU is 50% too high, say Australian ISPs

In their latest salvo against NBN, Australia's biggest retail ISPs claim its ARPU is up to 50% higher than it should be.

The five largest broadband retail providers are demanding a restructure of current NBN wholesale pricing and an end to the contentious connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) charge.

No Covid hangover in US broadband market…yet

The US is still experiencing robust growth in fixed broadband connections, driven predominately by the cable market, according to new industry figures published this week.

The country recorded 945,000 wired broadband net additions in the second quarter of this year, data from S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Kagan media research group shows.

New map shows 60M Americans lack Internet

On this episode of Light Reading's The Divide, we hear from Eric Frank, CEO of LightBox, a real estate information and technology platform, on the company's new nationwide Internet connectivity map. While the FCC's most recent estimate shows 14.5 million Americans lacking Internet access, LightBox today puts that number at a much larger 60 million, or one in six Americans.

US China spat is Balkanising even subsea cables

Recent developments in the subsea cable game suggest we’re moving towards a time when China and the US operate their own distinct internet backbones.

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam

Watch demos from 2020 sponsors and exhibitors

BBWF 2020 brought together top solution providers showcasing their latest products - view their solutions in action with free demos!

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam


In 2020, working from home became a mandate rather than an employee perk and the demand on home networks and service providers has been unprecedented.

Join our expert panel, featuring speakers from Orange and Omdia, to discuss how operators are meeting this demand, addressing key challenges to delivering new services, and how operators are developing new partnerships to ensure more people and devices are supported.


Get your hands on the latest in-depth reports & whitepapers, brought to you by Broadband World Forum, for free!

Security in Open RAN

Discover how telecom service providers can adopt an Open RAN architecture without compromising on security. This whitepaper demonstrates how, by adopting a zero-trust security framework, an Open RAN architecture provides a path to a more secure open networks and open interfaces over what exists today. Despite misconceptions, open interfaces, defined in the O-RAN technical specifications, provide increased independent visibility and the opportunity for an overall enhanced and more secure system.

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on the Broadband Services Industry?

This e-book examines the impact of COVID-19 on the broadband services and optical industry today. With exclusive content on the challenges faced in the marketplace today, including home broadband becoming the lifeblood of the economy, the technology-focused companies set to benefit, how service providers can respond to fast-changing consumer demands and more.  

Connectivity as a Service

As the world becomes more autonomous, ISPs are challenged as the quintessential intersection for home connectivity while providing the best subscriber experience. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and managing subscriber devices can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Mercku enables ISPs with the tools to accelerate product offerings and empowers users and support teams alike with simple and robust remote management options.

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam


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Covering a range of topics, Broadband World Forum's articles and interviews offer expert insight into technology trends, monetisation opportunities, and challenges in the broadband industry today.

Hila Meller, VP of Security at BT, on Telecommunications Security

Anna Sliwon-Stewart, research analyst, security and building technologies at Omdia, caught up with Hila Meller, VP of Security at BT, during Broadband World Forum 2019 to discuss telco security and how conventional security perimeters are fading.

Jay Shah, Chief Data & AI Officer at MyRepublic on Artificial Intelligence in Telecom Companies

Anna Sliwon-Stewart, research analyst, security and building technologies at Omdia, caught up with Jay Shah, Chief Data & AI Officer at MyRepublic, during Broadband World Forum 2019 to discuss how telecom companies are using AI to support their networks.

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam


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Connected Home Management Systems: What should you look for?

Hyper-connected homes are here, and consumers want systems that will deliver a superior broadband experience. They want homes that are better connected, more secure, and safe for family browsing.  But how do you know if a connected home management solution is fit for your future needs? Before you select a system for your subscribers, future-proof your investments with this guide to the 5 fundamentals of connected home management. 

Download the e-guide now to ensure you’re asking all the right procurement questions.

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam

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As consumers increasingly expect faster speeds and lower costs, technology is transforming at an ever-increasing rate. As a result, telcos are under the spotlight like never before as they move to aggressive commercial deployment of next gen broadband networks. From FTTH and 5G, to artificial intelligence, edge computing and virtualization, this report examines which up and coming technologies will continue to transform the telecommunications industry.

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Case Study: How AI can solve Wi-Fi problems

This report looks at the product Domos developed, and the company's experiences at Broadband World Forum 2018. Examinig how they are ready to solve the world's Wi-Fi problems, download your complimentary copy today to discover how this start-up made an impact on the broadband industry.

Nokia Whitepaper: 5G Fixed Wireless Access for Fixed-Grade Gigabit Services

To address customer, competitor and regulatory pressures, broadband service providers need to increase both service speeds and coverage. Fixed wireless access (FWA) technologies are – at long last – a viable tool in the toolkit, thanks to a combination of technological advances and shifting market trends. This paper by Nokia outlines the developments that make FWA a compelling option for residential broadband and the technological and deployment considerations for 4G/5GTTH.  

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam


What is the current state of affairs regarding roll-out of optic fiber in the Netherlands?

Down this free report from the Fiber Carrier Association to find out!

Casa Systems: Achieve Unlimited Flexibility for Your Network

From Casa Systems, this paper describes the challenges faced today when introducing new network topologies and how disaggregating, separating, and virtualizing network elements and functions is a key step towards a network focused on the end-user experience, instead of the technology it is built on.

Broadband World Forum On-Demand Webinars

Covering a range of topics, Broadband World Forum's free webinars offer a fantastic insight into the world of the broadband industry... Covering everything from FTTH and WiFi, to PON and network security, they examine the current state of broadband and telecommunications today. 

Why Telco's Should Embrace Innovation & Collaboration

Why should telco's embrace innovation and collaboration? Listen as tech, telco and disruptor giants discuss in hour-long interactive debate. Speakers include BT's Trevor Linney, Google's Crystal Eisinger, Nokia's David Eckard and event chair Alison Diana, editor of Broadband World News.

Telco Network Virtualization – What’s the Hold Up?

Network virtualisation, incorporating SDN & NFV is widely considered an essential part of network evolution, with a quarter of operators committing to a virtualisation strategy over the past 5 years. Despite this, we have yet to see any successful end to end deployment cases. 

Defining Next Generation Networks

This panel - with leaders from Point Topic, Community Fibre and BT - looks at evolving network infrastructure, and identifying what the key building blocks for a ‘next generation network’ ready to deliver on the needs of the gigabit society really are. 

Should Telco Own the Edge?

Who has ownership of the edge? Data Centre, Enterprise, Application providers? Telco? Listen as expert speakers from Deutsche Telekom, Mobile Edge X, Open Edge Computing Initiative and EJL Wireless Research discuss..

How Can Data Analytics be Used?

Network intelligence – How can telcos use data analytics and AI to improve network performance and increase customer satisfaction? In this webinar, Turkcell, SAP, Heavy Reading and Broadband World News deep dive into data analytics. 

Security 2020

The more networks open up, the more complicated security becomes. This webinar explores what the future of network security will look like and the practical steps operators need to take to secure the next generation of networks.

Physical Event: 18-20 October 2022, RAI, Amsterdam

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