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Announcing Channel Partners Virtual 2020

Virtual Event for the Modern Channel

Join us September 8-10 for the inaugural 100% online Channel Partners event. Sign up to get notified when registration opens.

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Channel Partners Virtual: Digital Events for the Modern Channel

July 7, 2020

Over the last several months, our team has spent a tremendous amount of resources in researching platforms and creating content formats that will shine in a digital experience.

Most of what we told you to expect from our Vegas event will carry over to our new virtual format. Each of our speakers and panel moderators will provide educational assets for partners as session takeaways. Attendees will leave with workbooks, reference and resource sheets, partner enablement materials, and infographics that bring session content to life.  

Channel Partners Virtual Will Keep Channel Community Connected, In Touch

June 24, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of the Virtual edition of Channel Partners Conference & Expo and Channel Partners Evolution. Join us Sept. 8-10, 2020, for three days of top-notch content and networking at the brand-new Channel Partners Virtual: Digital Event for the Modern Channel


FEATURED WEBINAR: Business Value Creation and Acquisition in the World of COVID


Sit in on this session with Arlin Sorensen of ConnectWise, who will lead a discussion that dives into the current landscape of what partners are seeing in the marketplace around them regarding building business value on the sell side and how they are looking at acquisitions on the buy side of the M&A world for MSPs.

COVID-19 Partner Help Series

The COVID-19 pandemic is radically transforming the global business landscape, but your organization doesn’t have to navigate the path forward alone. Our COVID-19 Partner Help Series offers channel companies like yours the expert insight and information to overcome these unprecedented challenges and serve your customers more effectively and cost-efficiently.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The New Flexible Work Environment: Helping Your Customers Succeed

In this webinar, Scott Anderson of Intermedia Terry LaPointe of Loffler Companies provides insights on how you can help your customers transition to and succeed in the new flexible work environment.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Ensuring Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

Jenni Flinders of VMware examines how partners can ensure business continuity for themselves and their clients in uncertain times.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: COVID-19 and the Channel: Insights, Solutions and Resources for MSPs

Mathieu Leblanc of Sherweb examines the impact of the pandemic on the channel and shares expert insights, solutions and resources for MSPs.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: How Remote Work Situations Are Redefining Managed Services

Mark Sher of Intermedia and Juan Fernandez of ImageNet Consulting examine how the remote work situations created by COVID-19 will redefine managed services in a post-pandemic world.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: How MSPs Can Push Forward and Aid Customers in Times of Crisis

In this webinar, Burt Powers of Dell Expert Network outlines how MSPs and other partners can aid clients and help keep their businesses moving forward in times of crisis.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Cybersecurity and COVID-19: Best Practices for MSPs

In this webinar, Mark Balleeger of Barracuda MSP discusses best practices for MSPs when it comes to cybersecurity.


Coffee with Craig & Kevin

Coffee with Craig & Kevin, the channel partners podcast, welcomes industry experts to discuss the hottest topics in the channel, including the latest in technology and how you can improve your business.

Hear what’s on the minds of top vendors, sponsors, and speakers before Channel Partners Conference & Expo — with a unique brand of humor built in!

2020 Channel Influencer Awards

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