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10:20 10:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Keynote address: What will Dubai look like in 10 years’ time?

  • How will critical national infrastructure and government departments utilise 5G?
  • What sector will be effected most by growing data transfer rates?
  • How will this impact daily life in Dubai?

10:40 11:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Mobile Broadband: is it about technology or change management?

  • What are current mobile broadband introduction challenges and how does it compare with previous technologies?
  • What is mission critical mobile broadband market readiness?
  • How front runners are showing the way forward?

11:00 11:45 (45 mins)

Main agenda

GCC Panel Discussion: What part can the region play in pushing the global critical communications industry forward?

  • How can the regional players benefit from collaboration?
  • What can we learn from initiatives in Europe?

11:45 12:15 (30 mins)

Main agenda

With many countries worldwide taking their own path towards broadband, is there one ideal long-term solution?

  • Are hybrid networks a long term answer or a short term stop-gap?
  • Should governments reconsider their approach to spectrum auctions?
  • What is the shelf life of PMR technology in the MENA region?

12:05 12:25 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Gateway to the Future - How to make LMR, LTE and Broadband Technologies Interoperate

12:25 12:45 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Utilising a commercial operator for critical communications

  • What have we learnt from the UK case study?
  • Are all commercial operators the same?
  • What does a ‘critical-ready’ operator look like?

12:45 14:00 (75 mins)

Main agenda

Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition

14:00 14:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

How will utilities utilise IoT to enhance their SCADA networks?

What are differences between SCADA and IoT?

14:30 15:00 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Is Industrial IoT the real killer application of 5G?

  • How does IIoT progress from IoT?
  • What are the current challenges in implementing IIoT in workforce operations?

15:00 15:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Can TETRA provide a long-term solution for M2M applications?

  • Understanding the applications provided by TETRA, beyond voice
  • Can the transportation sector take advantage of TETRA for M2M?

15:30 16:00 (30 mins)

Main agenda

How do current networks need to change to allow CNI operations to benefit from big data?

  • How do control rooms adapt to utilise the huge influx of data? 
  • Understanding the need for enhanced security around big data

16:00 16:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Public Safety Networks Cybersecurity in Next Generation

  • Is cyber security the biggest threat to the critical communications industry?
  • How are governments adapting to prepare for cyber warfare?