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March 16-19, 2020
San Antonio Convention Center,


The Leading Conference & Expo for Data Center and IT Infrastructure Professionals

Data Center World delivers expert strategy and insight on the technologies and concepts you need to know to plan, manage, and optimize your data center.

Optimizing the data center is more critical than ever.

In a world dominated by the cloud, edge computing, and other disruptive technologies, the data center remains the DNA of the business. Join 1,800+ data center, facilities and IT infrastructure professionals to find practical solutions for today's key challenges.

At the heart of this must-attend event is nearly 40 years of experience bringing vendor-neutral education, industry-leading speakers, abundant networking, and the broadest access to vendors together across four days.

Watch this highlight video to find out what you can expect by attending Data Center World Global in Phoenix this March! >>

Data Center World Global brings together:

IT Infrastructure and Data Center Facilities Professionals
Leading Sponsors & Exhibitors
Thought Leaders & Speakers

2019 Data Center World Event Brochure

Here's a preview of what happened at Data Center World 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona in one easy to navigate digital brochure.

Inside the brochure, you'll find:

• What's trending in the data center industry
• Which track is best suited for you and your company
• Who's presenting
• This year's keynotes
• Networking opportunities
• Plus, all Phoenix has to offer in the spring!

Happy browsing and as always, we hope you'll join us in San Antonio, March 16-19, 2020!

6 Data Center Conference Tracks to Choose From

IT Infrastructure Technologies

Today’s data center professional must demonstrate expertise with a variety of infrastructure technologies and understand how they can be deployed to simplify management. It’s critical to be able to integrate storage, networking, compute, applications, and power so that they’re all operating efficiently and at maximum performance. Learn how to:

  • Evaluate independent, converged, or hyperconverged infrastructures
  • Determine how software defined storage, software defined networking, and rack-scale architectures impact your ability to manage these infrastructures
  • Integrate and manage ever more powerful and distributed infrastructures with automation
Data Center Strategies/Delivery Models

For data center professionals, there are a growing number of models for delivering data center processes, including on-premises, co-location, cloud services, hybrid, hyperscale, and edge computing. In this track, our experts will provide insight into both existing and leading-edge strategies for data center design that best suit your enterprise and business strategies. Learn how to:

  • Decide on the right model for your company, and how to make those calls
  • Choose the right ratio of on-premise vs. cloud platforms, and which applications for each environment
  • Get IT and facilities working together to address cost, performance, security, and availability issues for everyone
Next-Generation Technologies

When it comes to next-generation technologies, there are a growing number of options for both IT and facilities to improve data center performance and reliability. Whether it’s AI/machine learning technologies for improving automation, improved cooling techniques for protecting stressed systems and preserving energy, 5G or fiber for boosting network performance, or even IoT or blockchain technologies to advance reliability, this track will address it all in practical terms. Learn how to:

  • Anticipate and plan for new technologies on the horizon for data center professionals
  • Improve your ability for designing, managing, and thinking about data centers
  • Communicate the need for the business to invest in leading-edge technologies
Design, Build, Operate, Control

Whether your company is still at the design process for your data center or considering a cost-improving retrofit, this track will help you understand the latest options in such areas as site selection, build vs. upgrade, capacity optimization, automation, DCIM, and disaster recovery – everything you need to know from the design, build, operate, and control phases of data center operation and management. Learn how to:

  • Decide where to locate your resources for maximum availability and efficiency
  • Leverage analytics for improved operation
  • Choose preventive vs. predictive maintenance for reliable outcomes
Resource Efficiency and Cost Control

In this track you’ll not only learn about advances in the underlying facilities resources that keep systems inside the data center running around the clock, but how to maintain them at the most efficient and cost-effective rates. Our experts will discuss the best ways to design power and cooling infrastructures and how to maximize energy usage and reduce waste. Learn how to:

  • Collect performance data and deploy and monitor the proper instrumentation in real time
  • Understand the latest in green technologies and sustainability
  • Achieve a “close to 1” PUE and what impact that can really have on the business
Professional Development

Whether you’re in IT or facilities, just starting out or an experienced veteran, you should always be looking to improve your knowledge and expertise in your chosen career. This track delivers the information you need to grow your career through practical advice from people who’ve been there and already navigated the obstacles. Learn how to:

  • Develop your existing skills for career advancement or to open up new opportunities
  • Spot trends in the data center industry that can lead to new business roles
  • Market yourself better as a data center superstar