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Nov 06
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07:30 - 09:00 90 mins
Registration opens
09:00 - 09:10 10 mins
Chairman’s Conference Welcome
  • Chairman John Devlin - Principal Consultant, P.A.ID Strategies
09:10 - 09:35 25 mins
Keynote Presentation: The first eSIM enabled smartphone – What have we learned?
  • Speaker Kerrie Lenhart Hogan - Director of Business Development, Communication and Connectivity Products, Google
  • Discussing the planning, strategies and processes that lead to the successful introduction of eSIM into the market
  • Analysing the results and market reactions to date
  • Discussing the key lessons learned and what the next steps will be
  • How has this first step influenced the market and has this given the services providers an advantage among their competition?
09:35 - 09:55 20 mins
Journey to iSIM and iUICC for the IoT
  • Speaker Loic Bonvarlet - Director of Marketing - Secure Identity, ARM
  • Understanding the differences between SIM, eSIM and iSIM form factors and functionalities
  • What types of application are these form factors best suited for
  • The benefits and new challenges of adopting eSIM and iSIM
  • The steps needed for mass adoption
  • How iSIM can help reduce costs and device sizes; and how will this technology be transferred to smartphones.
09:55 - 10:35 40 mins
Panel Discussion: Deploying eSIM strategies and business models on a Group wide level
  • Moderator Phil Sealy - Principal Analyst for Digital Security, ABI Research
  • Speaker Peter Ziegelwanger - Head of International Wholesale, A1 Austria Telekom Group
  • Speaker Mattias Karlsson - Head of Americas – Wholesale Roaming, Telefonica
  • Speaker Sunny LiangZhaoJun - SIM Card and Device Manager, China Telecom Global
  • Discussing the planning and logistics required for major telco groups to deploy eSIM
  • Will eSIM be implemented simultaneously globally or will this be done gradually?
  • Are deployment costs going to be the same or will a larger investment be required in some countries and why?
  • In terms of priority - Where on the level of urgency does eSIM sit compared to other advancements i.e. 5G, quality, customer service, etc.?
  • How does this affect timelines and what is a realistic roll out plan?
10:35 - 11:40 65 mins
Morning Break & Speed Networking

If you would like to participate in the speed networking session, please get in touch with Mark Bentley via Mark.Bentley@knect365.com

11:40 - 12:00 20 mins
eSIM: More than just connectivity… a roadmap to dynamic security and flexible control for connected devices
  • Speaker Remy Cricco - Chairman of the Board, SIMalliance
  • Introduction to the eSIM’s ‘power of three’ proposition: flexible control, authenticated connectivity, and
    dynamic security.
  • Current thinking on IoT security concerns and requirements: what industry influencers / governments are
    saying and doing.
  • eSIM momentum: real-life references / how eSIM deployments are reshaping industries.
  • How the eSIM addresses technical deployment and security challenges, with a focus on key deployments,
    including connected cars, smart metering and wearables.

12:00 - 12:20 20 mins
Continuity and security risks for telcos and the implications for their customers
  • Speaker Daan Planque - Strategy & Policy, CISO Office, KPN
  • eSIM uses a remote provisioning process - what new security and continuity risks does this introduce?
  • What does it mean for the customers of a telco?
  • Understanding the mitigating measures required to reduce the risk
12:20 - 12:45 25 mins
Dynamic eSIM Management within the framework of consumer and IoT
  • Speaker Andreas Morawietz - Head of Global Product Management for eSIM management solutions and SIM convergence, G+D Mobile Security
  • Speaker Tom Bennett - Director Network Services & Devices, EE
  • Leveraging the expertise of commercial used specifications in various ecosystems
  • Simplify user journey with the merge of different markets
  • Use case scenario within the automotive market segment
12:45 - 13:05 20 mins
How can verticals tackle the eSIM challenge?
  • Speaker Romain Durand - Head of Innovation, Transatel
  • How to support eSIM deployment with limited proof of concept?
  • Are M2M standards and specifications more in line with the requirements needed in the different verticals?
  • What can we learn from M2M business models and eSIM implementation methods?
  • How to tackle the complexity and the costs of an effective eSIM solution through enabling players?
13:05 - 13:25 20 mins
eSIM for M2M, Consumer, and IoT – What is required for eSIM for IoT?
  • Speaker Tetsuya Chiba - Director, KDDI European Research Office, KDDI
  • What are the features and differences of the GSMA eSIM specifications for M2M and Consumer?
  • What are the issues of the current GSMA standard specifications
  • What are the eSIM functions and use cases required in the field of IoT for the 5G era?
13:25 - 14:30 65 mins
Lunch Break
14:30 - 14:50 20 mins
Connecting Billions of Dots - Strategic Thoughts On The IoT Connectivity Business
  • Speaker Axel Meiling - Partner, Digital Oxygen GmbH
  • How will they be connected?
  • What ARPU can be expected?
  • What are the new rules?

14:50 - 15:10 20 mins
eSIM significance in IoT
  • Speaker Suresh Kumar - Senior Chief Engineer, Samsung Electronics
  • Future is connected world (IoT)
  • eSIM significance in this connected world
  • Opportunities and Challenges with eSIM in IoT


15:10 - 15:30 20 mins
Achieving cost effective global eSIM connectivity to accelerate IoT growth
  • Speaker Andrew Weston - Global IoT Partnerships, Verizon
  • Capitalising on global eUICC standards
  • Alternatives to IoT vendor ecosystems
  • Fostering true carrier-to-carrier collaboration in IoT
  • Standardised global IoT best practise
15:30 - 15:50 20 mins
Journey towards South Asia’s 1st Commercial Deployment of eSIM Technology
  • Speaker Amila Saputhanthri - Specialist - VAS Planning, Technology Strategy, Planning and Development, Dialog Axiata
  • The evolution from SIM to eSIM
  • What are the best consumer and M2M eSIM approaches?
  • Dialog Axiata’s eSIM launch and the updates since this deployment
  • Discussing the eSIM platform architecture - how does the eSIM profile purchase flow work?
  • What Dialog Axiata predicts the future will look like?
15:50 - 16:30 40 mins
Fireside Chat: eSIM in the eyes of government and regulatory officials
  • Speaker Jörg Henkel - Senior Expert - Wholesale Business Development Manager, Deutsche Telekom
  • Speaker Agustin Diaz-Pines - Case Handler - DG Comp, European Commission
  • Speaker Oscar Koeroo - CISO – Strategy & Policy, KPN
  • What involvement do governments have in the development of eSIM and what are their concerns with the deployment and implementation of eSIM?
  • How will SIM registration laws be affected?
  • How will countries and operators track customers when aboard with remote SIM provisioning, profile downloads, multi emsi’s, etc? Are there plans already in place?
  • Operator reluctance due to costs of Network Infrastructure and I.T. - Should these advancements not be financially supported by regulators and government if it is to better overall connectivity and productivity?
  • Would this support hasten deployment timelines and would this encourage more operators to support this evolution?

This fireside chat session is conducted as an onstage interview with our panellists. We invite our audience to engage and to ask questions throughout the session.

16:30 - 17:00 30 mins
Afternoon Networking Break
17:00 - 17:20 20 mins
How to prepare for and manage uninteroperable devices
  • Speaker Guido Abate - Standardization Manager - Secure Microcontrollers Division (SMD), STMicroelectronics
  • Not every device will follow the GSMA standardisation specifications – how will these be managed and by whom?
  • What implications will this have on internal systems, servers, service quality and aggregation platforms?
  • Can the industry band together to boycott alternative devices?
  • As seen in multiple sectors, can customer demand overpower the strict eSIM standards?
  • Reality vs Vision – can and will all devices be managed and paired?
17:20 - 17:50 30 mins
Fireside Chat: The source of power for customer ownership
  • Moderator Phil Sealy - Principal Analyst for Digital Security, ABI Research
  • Speaker Oscar Koeroo - CISO – Strategy & Policy, KPN
  • Speaker Domenico Palomba - Business Partner Manager, Sunrise Communications
  • Speaker Christian Krawczyk - Carrier Relation Manager, Mobilcom-Debitel
  • Discussing the key components that make up the secure element of the eSIM – is the eSIM more than a secure cellular communications enabler?
  • With the development and deployment of greater eSIM enabled devices, how will they be managed – How will this change/disrupt the ecosystem as we know it today?
  • OEMs will “own” the secure element within the phone – do they decide what will be contained on it? What services will be on the secure element? Do they hold all the keys? Will the OEMs become secure element gatekeepers?
  • What additional services could OEMs hook onto the back of eSIM ownership? - secure billing, OTT services and security?
  • Will eSIM create new levels of OEM brand stickiness – if so, why?
  • Will the eSIM shift customer ownership or at least ownership perception?

This fireside chat session is conducted as an on-stage interview with our panellists. We invite our audience to engage and to ask questions throughout the session.

17:50 - 18:20 30 mins
Roundtable Discussion: What is the best option: Customer locking vs customer freedom?
  • Lead Dario Talmesio - Principal Analyst and Practice Leader, Ovum
  • Discussing customer churn concerns facilitated by eSIM
  • Due to significant uptake of unlocked mobile phones, how are operators keeping their customers and their loyalty?
  • Are operators in countries with mobile contract limitations (6 months) more favourable or left at a disadvantage?
  • Discussing SIM locking in the U.S as customers are unable to delete profiles
  • Reviewing the key drivers for customer retention and if their significance with eSIM deployment will remain the same.

This session will be led by our chair as an opportunity for the audience members to share their expertise and knowledge. Speakers will be allocated 2-3 minutes to express their views for further discussion.

18:20 - 19:00 40 mins
End of Day 1
19:00 - 23:00 240 mins
eSIM & MVNOs Europe Pub Quiz

What would an MVNOs event be without a party? We are delighted to invite our attendees to join us for an informal fun filled evening of Pub Quizzing. Team up with your industry peers and test your general knowledge.

19:00 Welcome drinks

19:30 Pub Quiz starts

The Pembroke

261 Old Brompton Rd,

Earls Court

London, SW5 9JA