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8:50 am 9:10 am (20 mins)


Aligning your IoT Strategy: Where to start?

  • Understand the complex IoT Ecosystem
  • Where do you fit and how will IoT affect your business/industry?

9:10 am 9:30 am (20 mins)


IoT Game Changers: Examining key IoT Successes of the past year

9:30 am 9:50 am (20 mins)


Key Principles for IoT Success: Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities of IoT

9:50 am 10:10 am (20 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee Break

10:10 am 10:50 am (40 mins)


BIG PICTURE PANEL: What is the IoT opportunity and how do we get there?

  • Building your IoT business model: Where’s the commercial opportunity?
  • Joining Forces: Overcoming interoperability challenges: Are we any closer to creating an IoT Framework? Is there any such thing?
  • Delivering ROI: To what extent does the true value from IoT lie in the sharing of data and the creation of partnerships?
  • Regulation: Will this hinder or enable IoT innovation? How to approach the elephant in the room … Security
  • “A Dummies Guide to IoT Standards” Will this ever exist?

10:50 am 11:10 am (20 mins)


Bringing IoT to life for Business

The conversation about the Internet of Things (IoT) has already started to change. People are no longer asking what it is, but instead want to know how it applies to their business, what value they can expect, and learn about the next steps on the path? In this session, we will take a brief look at how companies have brought IoT to life for their business. We will share our learnings as well as customer stories that showcase real world applications and how to avoid some common pitfalls. And we will share how Microsoft has moved to address these challenges with a secure, fast, open, and scalable approach to IoT designed for line-of-business.

  • Speaker Sam George - Partner, Director of Program Management - Azure IoT, Microsoft

11:10 am 11:40 am (30 mins)


Harmonizing Innovation and Privacy to successfully bring IoT to Healthcare

  • Leveraging Johnson & Johnson’s role as the world’s largest healthcare company to transform health and wellness through technology
  • Showcasing how Johnson & Johnson is embracing IoT across its consumer, medical device and pharmaceutical businesses
  • Sharing Johnson & Johnson’s view of how IoT is bringing innovative solutions to consumers and patients
  • Speaker Stuart McGuigan - Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Johnson & Johnson

11:30 am 1 pm (90 mins)

Main agenda

Executive IoT Luncheon

1 pm 1:20 pm (20 mins)


Defining the Future of IoT today. Are we ready?

  • Blockchain and IoT: Can Blockchain help secure and enhance IoT
  • Emerging AR/VR: Creating new experiences with AR & VR
  • Is Voice the killer app for IoT?

1:20 pm 1:40 pm (20 mins)


When IoT met AI: The Intelligence of Things

  • How close are we to AI for IoT? 

  • Progressing from data analytics to predictive analytics and ML to AI

1:40 pm 2:10 pm (30 mins)


PANEL The New Age of Industrial IoT

  • Examining the IoT applications across manufacturing, supply chain, utilities, mining …..
  • What are the cost-saving benefits? How to ensure these outweigh the costs associated?
  • Overcoming challenges of upgrading legacy infrastructure to become connected and intelligent
  • How far are we from advanced technology for Industry, I.e. Use of Drones for remote monitoring; 3D printing in Manufacturing; robotics; AI and Machine Learning
  • Panelist Ganesh Bell - Chief Digital Officer, GE Power
  • Panelist Prith Banerjee - Executive Vice President, Technology, Schneider Electric

2:20 pm 2:40 pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

The next wave of IoT

2:30 pm 2:50 pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee Break

2:50 pm 3:10 pm (20 mins)


Shaping mobility for a holistic user experience

Autonomous driving is happening, the technology challenges are solvable, so the focus must pivot to how humans interact with this technology. The focus of mobility is changing from driving to the experiences that shape the journey, this sessions will explore:

  • Moving beyond ADAS, looking beyond the simple equations created by sensors and improved driver assist technology
  • Looking at the challenges of the connected reality, How to decrease the gap between driver awareness and system takeover
  • How can vehicles become indistinguishable from a home or office and become a modular component of each

3:10 pm 3:30 pm (20 mins)


Who’s Driving? Car sharing and the wheels of change

  • Exploring how car sharing platform could be the next step to consumers interacting and being educated with autonomous vehicles?
  • Comparing the car sharing and ride sharing model, will car sharing piggy back on the ride sharing success?
  • Personalization of the car sharing platform, what technologies and infotainment are needed to keep up with user demand
  • Looking at the payment models currently available, will short term rentals drive more of a “shift” rental to ensure we are not increasing the car on the road?

3:30 pm 4 pm (30 mins)


PANEL: Intelligent Transportation in 2020 and Beyond

  • The roadmap from 2017 to 2020 for autonomous vehicles
  • Consumer education, how to build safety and confidence for futuristic technologies
  • Infrastructure and smart cities, are we ready for the next automotive revolution?
  • Assessing the standards and regulations of today and what is set for the next five years
  • What does the future hold for Car Ownership and the impact on shared mobility & economy
  • Learn how automakers, hardware and software developers are working together to these vehicles to market
  • John Ellis - Founder, Managing Director, Ellis & Associates