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08:00 09:00 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Registration & Networking

08:00 08:50 (50 mins)

Invitation Only


An exclusive meeting place for the MVNO Founders and leaders to discuss the most burning issues under Chatham House rules and help each other to grow the MVNOs business. The meeting is modelled on the entrepreneurs’ business breakfasts that are gaining popularity across Europe. All participants will be encouraged to share their recent endeavours and ask their peers for recommendations or provide recommendations to them. 


Invitation only – MVNOs only


Please ask  for more details

  • Moderator Renato Andrade - Independent MVNO consultant, Acqua Telecom

08:50 09:00 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Chairman Dario Talmesio - Practice Leader, Europe, Ovum

09:00 09:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

APAC telecoms market overview – what has changed in the regulatory environment over the last year?

  • Providing the market overview of the whole APAC region – comparison of the different markets
  • Which countries in the APAC region are leading the MVNOs growth?
  • How to expand in the Asian market?  Which business models provided to be the most successful?
  • Are the Philippines/Indonesia/Myanmar/Cambodia ready to open up for MVNOs?


  • Danny Sritharan - Regional Director MNO Partnerships – Asia Pacific, Lycamobile

09:20 09:45 (25 mins)

Main agenda

Launching sustainable MVNOs in developing markets through partnerships

  • Launching MVNOs in many developing markets is a key challenge since regulatory norms, operator requirements are all continuously evolving
  • Many developing markets have fierce price competition between the operators themselves- hence running an MVNO in a sustainable manner is a challenge
  • Case Study: MVNO launch challenges in Brazil and India
  • Arvind Balakrishnan - Head - Marketing, Plintron

09:45 10:30 (45 mins)

Main agenda

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can MVNOs and operators help regulators to establish the regulations that are beneficial for everyone?

  • What lesson have been learned in the new MVNO markets?
  • How to avoid wholesale price regulation enabling MVNOs to compete at the same time?
  • Are operators more willing to work with MVNOs nowadays? Do they see the benefits of working together?
  • Danny Sritharan - Regional Director MNO Partnerships – Asia Pacific, Lycamobile
  • Mike Magpily - Vice President for Consumer Marketing, Globe Telecom
  • Farid Yunus - Chief MVNO Officer, Celcom Axiata

10:30 10:50 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Launching in the region as an international company – an update on the latest launches of FreedomPop

  • How to adjust your proposition to the local market?
  • How does the relationship with the local operators and distributors look like?
  • Are you able to launch your product without having a local presence?
  • Which market are expected to deliver the most growth over the next year?
  • Nicholas Constantinopoulos - CEO –Europe, FreedomPop

10:50 11:50 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Break & Speed Networking

11:50 12:10 (20 mins)

Main agenda

How does it work in practice? Physical vs. Virtual Sim

  • Who will be in charge of the roaming agreements when eSim is in place? Will software providers have to enter roaming agreements with operators or SIM providers?
  • How will distribution strategies change if there is no physical SIM that can be distributed in stores? Will all the businesses have to move to enter the e-Commerce space?
  • How will operators manage eSIM connectivity and guarantee a seamless end user experience?
  • Will the eSIM create a need for independent connectivity management?
  • Ankit Jogi - Technical, Samsung

12:10 12:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Defining eUICC (eSIM) and its impact on the MNO / SIM industry relationship

  • Outlining the current status (from a technology perspective) of M2M and consumer IoT eUICC deployments
  • Providing a high level overview of the benefits the eUICC offers within M2M deployments – which could subsequently be transferable to the consumer landscape
  • Explaining the factors responsible for giving rise to the emerging consumer market for eUICC
  • How will the relationship between the SIM industry and MNOs evolve as the volumes of eUICCs in connected consumer devices proliferates?


Senior SIMalliance Representative

12:30 12:50 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Becoming a real disruptor in the market – exploring the non-typical niche markets

  • How can an MVNO provide global connectivity utilising softSIM and CloudSIM technologies?
  • 263’s Journey: What is the rational for an MVNO to explore new avenues?
  • Going beyond the traditional customer markets to tap into IoT/M2M/connected cars space
  • Jing Liang - CEO, 263 Mobile

12:40 13:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Transatel’s SIM 901 case study

  • Developing SIM 901 is a worldwide data only MVNO concept that is already operational in more than 100 countries and destinations in the world
  • Working closely with Microsoft to provide connectivity to Windows 10 devices
  • Future expansion plans
  • Jacques Bonifay - President, MVNO Europe

13:00 14:10 (70 mins)

Main agenda

Lunch & networking

14:10 14:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Launching a virtual MVNO: How can you set up an MVNO without an operators’ involvement?

  • Addressing the connectivity issue? Can you rely on WiFi connection only?
  • How to guarantee the traffic and revenue as an OTT-MVNO?
  • Ensuring reliability of service and preventing customers’ churn
  • Donald Chan - COO, Circles Asia

14:30 14:50 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Mobility Product Topic: LTE - New Value from Virtualisation

  • What are the new commercial opportunities presented by VoIMS?
  • How to simplify LTE deployment overcome new infrastructure and resources issues?
  • How can virtual models remove the barriers to multi-service LTE deployment?
  • How to gain control and visibility of your business and create billing plans on the fly
  • A short guide to service differentiation enabled by a new customer experience – how to win the battle for the consumer
  • RCS, IoT and more – creating a joined up service proposition for humans and machines
  • Mick Higgins - Vice President, Mobility & UCC Enablement, Tata Communications

14:50 15:10 (20 mins)

Main agenda

How can an MVNO utilise the business models and services offered by the OTT service providers?

  • Providing scalability and deceasing time to market
  • What services apart from the online chat does the new model enable?
  • If you cannot fight them – join them! How to source OTT partners
  • Ng Kok Heng - Group Chief Executive Officer, XOX

15:10 15:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Virtualisation of services: How to became a fully digital telco player?

  • How are MVNOs leveraging digital technologies to enhance their marketing and distribution strategies?
  • Is the market ready for fully digital players? Are the customers ready for completing their customer journey fully online?
  • Is the infrastructure prepared for the increased mobile usage spike?
  • Gregory Steer - CEO, Oasis Systems

15:30 16:00 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Afternoon break & networking

16:00 16:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Competing with the Google Fi project as an MVNO

  • Update on TuneTalk’s project timelines and milestones
  • How will the project revolutionise telecoms market in Malaysia?
  • How will the project influence the ongoing consolidation of the Malaysian market?
  • Jason Lo - CEO, Tune Talk

16:20 16:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

MVNO OnDemand - Seize The Day!

  • Growing in a saturated B2C market
  • The business of family and things - the hidden opportunities of family, SME, SOHO and IoT
  • Innovation and Agility - the USPS of MVNOs
  • Be more Uber, less MNO
  • Gary Bunney - CEO, MDS

16:40 17:10 (30 mins)

Main agenda

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Developing e-Payment technologies

  • How to add mobile money services to your existing offering?
  • How does the customer value proposal changes when new services are added? Price adjustment vs. customer churn reduction
  • How to expand your customer reach beyond the traditional B2C model? 
  • Unified communications: What infrastructure is need to service the enterprise customers?
  • Which services are in demand?
  • What strategies developed in the B2C market can be applied to the B2B market?


  • Ivan Landen - Chief Wireless Officer, Blue Wireless
  • Paul Huang - CEO, Juiker (Lofotech)

17:10 17:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Juiker as a unique B2B and B2C Telecom grade ICP (Integrated Communication Platform)

  • Exploring unconventional go to market and distribution strategies
  • Setting up new services and establishing the rates
  • Developing go-to-market and advertising strategies appropriate to this market
  • Unifying the Government, Telco and Enterprise messaging and communication
  • Paul Huang - CEO, Juiker (Lofotech)

17:30 18:00 (30 mins)

Main agenda


The room will be divided into 8 groups covering the characteristics of each of the market in:


18:00 20:00 (120 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Party