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Open RAN World

VIP Programme

Exclusively for Service Provider thought leaders to inspire a new way of thinking, tackle technology, innovation, and implementation in an evolving telecoms landscape.

Across all Informa Tech Service Provider events, we deliver a VIP service exclusively for our senior operator community, to inspire a new way of thinking and to tackle technology, innovation, and implementation in an evolving telecoms landscape with your peers. Our aim is to provide an exclusive service to our VIP community, helping you to make the most out of your time onsite at our shows and draw value from Informa Tech as a whole.

What to Expect at Open RAN World

  • Free VIP pass with access to all areas, including all onsite content: conference sessions, exhibition, networking, and workshops
  • Invitation only networking features: Group Roundtables, 1-2-1s, drinks, awards and more
  • Colleague referral, including our ‘Rising Star’ initiative. Bring your colleagues with you to take part in the show so that you can learn as a team. VIP level referrals will receive a full VIP pass, and more junior team members will be granted a free operator pass. The ‘Rising Star’ initiative is for one top performer in your team to be able to join alongside you with a full VIP pass and take advantage of having access to higher-level networking and content
  • Access to our Monthly VIP newsletter
  • Connect with your peers with ‘The Network’, which includes a series of virtual roundtables to keep you connected throughout the year as well as a library of Omdia and Light Reading content for you to review at your leisure
  • Discounts to the Telecoms & Tech Academy training courses
  • Unparalleled access to our Omdia analysts
  • Free trial to the ‘Omdia Knowledge Centre’ to access reports, whitepapers, and data cuts from our leading Omdia analysts

As a team, we are dedicated to making the journey from registration to onsite attendance a positive experience. We work closely with our registered VIP guests to understand what it is they are looking to get from attending our events and help to build a schedule and recommend sessions to participate in. You get first pick of all limited capacity sessions such as roundtable discussions, as well as access to our 1-2-1 meeting service, which can help you make connections with the entire eco-system: vendors, other operators, and analysts.

Who Qualifies?

The VIP programme is reserved for our most senior and engaged service provider and enterprise delegates. Your invitation to take part as a VIP must be approved by the VIP team on a case-by-case basis.

Why Attend?

The VIP programme puts you, the thought leaders, front and center at this year’s event. It opens up the show with unparalleled access-all-areas including a curated networking and content itinerary, lead by your dedicated VIP manager, to ensure that you make the most of your time onsite; both the sessions you join and the people you meet.

How does the 1-2-1 networking work?

Our 1-2-1 networking service takes the effort out of your hands. We identify potential matches based on your interests and needs, sourcing suitable delegates from all across the eco-system, including analysts, fellow VIPs & service providers. Once you confirm which meetings you would like to attend, our team designs a schedule that will allow you to meet with these contacts online in a pre-arranged manner.


You may qualify for a Free All-Access VIP Pass for the Open RAN World Event!

*Exclusively Available for Operators and Enterprises Only*

Join ‘The Network’ – Informa Tech’s Online Carrier Focused VIP Community

As a VIP, you will also get access to our exclusive community, The Network. An alliance of service provider professionals from across the globe collaborate in a series of virtual and physical roundtable discussions. These closed-door workshops, hosted by Omdia, provide regular touchpoints with your peers in the market, and the ability to inform us on what we need to bring to the eco-system.With special invites to speak and participate across our multiple events, to become a champion of a certain topic within The Network, or simply to read Omdia or Light Reading reports and hear what others have to say, The Network has a place for you.