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Smart Transportation & Mobility
May 2020



ALCAN is the smart antenna company focusing on developing a new class of low-cost smart antenna system that represents a technological breakthrough in satellite and cellular communication.

Smart antennas which are flat, ultra-thin and able to adjust its beam electronically without any moving parts, will allow them to be mounted inconspicuously on moving vehicles (cars, trains, airplanes, ships etc.) to track 5G cellular networks and all satellites (GEO, MEO & LEO) as well as.

ALCAN has a revolutionary low-cost smart antenna that is ultra-thin, flat, light and without any mechanical moving parts, allowing it to be mounted inconspicuously within flat or curved surfaces. The antenna has electronic beam steering (i.e. signal tracking) capability, allowing it to continuously track signals.
ALCAN’s beam steering feature is implemented using a liquid crystal (LC) layer inside a phased-array antenna. The LC is controlled by means of electromagnetic field, which changes the direction of the received or transmitted beam without physically turning the antenna.

Key Investment Positives:
• Disruptive technology with very large target markets
• Immediate demand with new 5G networks and MEO/LEO constellations going live from 2019
• Long-term growth driven by demand for on-the-move smart-antennas (ie. Cars, planes, ships etc.)

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