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November 2 - 4, 2021
Santa Clara Convention CenterCalifornia, USA


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DterU is an AI  platform that provides help to people who are suffering from mental health  issues using AI and IoT technology solution.


We build mobile  refrigeration systems for transportation and storage of temperature sensitive  medication such as vaccines, blood samples and oxytocin. Layered with IoT, it  provides partners with real time storage information thereby ensuring the  potency of the drugs before dispensation. This way, users of these medication  are rightly immunized and treated. Our customers include pharmacies,  diagnostics laboratories and hospitals.

inHouse Produce

inHouse Produce is a  B2B startup that grows food right where it is served.


IOmob is creating a decentralized Internet of Mobility to power an open, interoperable global Mobility as a Service ecosystem.

Kibus Petcare

Kibus is the first device that cooks healthy dog and cat food automatically. It allows pet parents to feed their pets on a healthy and natural diet in a convenient way. It has been proven that feeding pets on a minimally processed diet makes them live longer by more than 30% and we are here to make it happen.


MOXIE provides an end-to-end Internet of Things solution to businesses of all sizes, in the form of ready-to-use IoT systems, delivered within 30 days. MOXIE has found itself with a unique set of disparate skill sets and proprietary technology that has positioned us to provide a critical service in the global IoT market, with an extremely compelling value proposition. There is a near-endless possibility of IoT products waiting to be created. Anything that can be connected, will be connected. Our special sauce in MOXIE IoT is our indoor tracking anchor and tag system.


World's first artificial intelligent remote monitoring camera in a drive-able ball, that can stream live video, audio and sensors data over Wi-Fi. Romball has onboard AI to recognize and differentiate between person, animal, and general movements and send alerts to the user of real situations, and same unit can drive from room to room while recording and streaming video, other traditional security cameras have limited and fixed visual coverage, and rely on the cloud for running cognition


Sponsorwise is a  revolutionary new web platform that allows sports federations to connect with  top brands looking to sponsor sport. The platform is simple-to-use,  commission-free and only for high-quality, vetted users.


StoreHarmony LTD is a financial technology company that equips African merchants and unemployed people with tools & technology that enable them do business with ease. We provide platform to connect small merchants with suppliers and lenders to help them easily start business to grow and earn money. We also build innovative retail tools to automate payments, cut administrative costs and meet consumer demands quicker.  

Traxit srl

We designed and  patented an IoT tracking device for luggage and cargo fully compliant with  Aviation Safety. We added a parametric Travel insurance bundle that enables  immediate compensation straight to the user smartphone, thus innovating a  huge pain point by using AI and Blockchain, enhancing users' experience like  no other.


Our team developed a new long, range bi-directional, wireless which we call Weightless LPWAN. Proven to be the most reliable wireless technology for large-scale IoT deployments We have deployed one of the world's largest single LPWAN networks with over 75,000 IoT devices. We have signed a contract to add another 210,000 devices to that same network. Large scale IoT is being made real with ubiik.