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November 2 - 4, 2021
Santa Clara Convention CenterCalifornia, USA


Congratulations to Cartesiam, winner of the Innovation of Things Award at Startup Elevate 2020!

URSALEO: Startup Elevate Winner 2019

Meet John Burton, CEO of startup UrsaLeo and Winner of the 2019 Startup Elevate Pitch-off. Read in his own words how Startup Elevate has benefitted his business:

"Since winning the 2019 Pitchoff at Startup Elevate in IoT World we have raised additional funding, hired a full-time CTO and rolled out our product. We have acquired customers in Europe, the US, and Asia (even one in Africa)!. Winning the award raised our profile and also caused us to focus on the specific area we won the award for, advanced visualization techniques.

Winning the award was a great boost to the team, we were in a highly competitive field with other great startups and although we had a good story, so did lots of other companies. Our investors were delighted and we picked up two new investors the day after the award. But most of all it clarified what we needed to focus on from a product perspective and since we’ve made that pivot we’ve been steadily gaining traction.

The most valuable thing about attending was seeing the other startups in the space and realizing we did have a differentiated offering. We’ve been able to take that differentiation, amplify it and as a result we’re now in deep discussions with multiple customers, angel groups and VCs."

UrseaLeo: Startup Elevate Winner 2019

"The most surprising thing about Startup elevate was the quality of the judges. We knew several of them from various pitch events around the bay, but seeing xx number of highly qualified and experienced people judging the startups was invigorating.

The main benefits have been validation of what we are doing as a company and the increased profile the award has brought.

In 2020 we will move from MVP to full product launch and integrate our system with several major IoT platforms. We will engage with major customers in the US and Europe, begin real revenue generation and start preparation for our first priced equity round. We may even place that towards the end of 2020 depending on how things go.

My best advice for the pitch-off event is practice. Get your co-founders in a room, set a stopwatch and pitch the slides 10-20 times. Have them critique the bad bits and tell you which are the good bits. I’ve seen hundreds of pitches at this stage and so many of them are not polished. Get professionally designed slides. If you’re going to spend money anywhere in the early days, make it here."

Lunewave: Startup Elevate Winner 2018 (Part 1)

Lunewave won our 2018 Startup Elevate competition, watch the series of 3 videos to find out about life after winning and how Startup Elevate has benefitted their business.

Lunewave: Startup Elevate Winner 2018 (Part 2)

In part 2 find out how winning Startup Elevate has helped Lunewave gain new customers and partners.

Lunewave: Startup Elevate Winner 2018 (Part 3)

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