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Startup Elevate | Global Startup Events Series
Global Startup Events Series
Global Startup Events Series

London Tech Week and Startup Elevate Pitch and Win

Find out more about each of our finalists and cast your vote.

We have chosen a shortlist of 9 startups who entered our Pitch and Win competition. Take a look at their video entries below and vote for your favourite.


Voxos uses bone conduction technology to transfer sound from your phone, through the bones in your skull, leaving the natural sense of hearing through your ears open and free. This allows the consumption of audio content on the go without obstructing the ears, creating a safer environment for everyone.


Complygate is an HR Tech Start-up based in Birmingham. The Complygate solution is used to attract, hire, retain and maintain talent, support workforce administration, and optimise workforce management. It is the only Tier 2 Sponsor compliance solution in the market for SMEs and Enterprises.

Complygate HR software and Immigration management platform makes it seamless for companies to manage and hire a global workforce by combining legal expertise and proprietary technology. We call it HR software with brains. Complygate is coupled with Artificial Intelligence that enables companies to stay focused on what really matters in terms of business goals and objectives in cost-effective methods.


I started having period pains 3 years ago and after graduating and starting work I still had these pains. I didn't want a life where my body was not supporting me. I was dependent on prescribed painkillers every cycle ( every 29 days) and I didn't want to accept this as my life. I spent a lot of my time researching ways to get rid of period pain.  What I found was by understanding the root cause, I could use food, exercise and my lifestyle to get rid of this pain. This research enabled me to bio-hack my body and eliminate my period pain. I shared this with all my friends and they wanted bite-size information rather than me recommending books and research. This is how CycleSync was born.

My struggle is not unique. 9 out of 10 women report having period pain. This pain is an obstacle, negatively impacting the ability to get things done and thrive. CycleSync’s platform will support women in thriving by giving personalised nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations to eliminate menstrual cycle-related symptoms. There is so much to learn about the menstrual and I am excited because I feel pulled with this mission of making sure that women can leverage their cycle.

Global Startup Events Series


The GlobalSolver platform is a B2B cloud-based platform for optimizing and negotiating purchases. Our platform enables buyers to consult with an infinite number of potential suppliers according to their needs. Our proprietary algorithm calculates the optimal solution on the best prices, quantities, incremental discounts and supplier credit quality using artificial intelligence to minimize purchasing costs and complexity. The GlobalSolver platform allows companies and governments to manage, monitor and make more effective the procurement process. Our system’s robust data algorithms can handle the volume of calculations and give results that are tangible, understandable and ready to be put to work. We save our clients’ money and bring the benefits of big data to a big problem.
Global Startup Events Series


Social contracting platform with AI-assisted discovery and use of people’s skills. People often use social connections to find friends with a particular skill who could help achieve a certain immediate task (be it finding a partner for a tennis game, a recommendation for a babysitter, or a car mechanic prior to buying a used car). But finding the right person’s skill for a specific task amongst your social connections is tedious, and carries communication burden. Our platform allows to match find skilled people to tasks based on your social connections and geolocation. If you don't know who to ask - ask your phone, and it'll offer best available connections for a given task. Company founded in Nov 2017, and has recently released a core version 1 on both Android and iOS platforms.


Loyalty Credit helps merchants and lenders by getting access to credit using an innovative technology platform which leverages machine learning to provide better credit ratings.


Ogun connects construction projects and their suppliers for all-in-one project management and materials orders. The platform addresses the core industry problems with planning visibility, from internal communications to supplier delivery coordination. Construction sites can manage their planning, supplier orders, files, and discussions. Suppliers can manage their catalogues, orders, and deliveries. Ogun has already been tested by key companies across the U.K. and Spanish construction markets.


Cybersecurity comparison website/marketplace, which helps 170 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) globally buy the right cybersecurity simply, quickly and affordably. After completing a simple questionnaire in an hour online, SMBs are presented with six comparisons of technology, training and processes which they can personalise before 1-click buying. Ways to pay include instant credit & subsidies from government. 

ProtectBox is being sold as a cyber add-on by accountants, banks, insurers, lawyers, telcos, and governments, as a re-direct from their websites. Already integrated with 4 globally, with another 10 in the pipeline.

Award-winning with lots of media recognition, as ProtectBox is as much about “changing hearts and minds”/championing SMBs, as it is about making the process easier.

VR Calm

vrcalm provides an uplifting Virtual Reality experience to improve the Quality of Life of people with dementia. Globally, the number of people living with dementia is estimated to increase from 50m in 2018 to 152m in 2050.

vrcalm is providing a natural world to patients, allowing them to explore and interact with wildlife. They're giving them a sense of autonomy, reducing loneliness and providing mental stimulation to enhance their Quality of Life.