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Startup Elevate | Global Startup Events Series
Global Startup Events Series

Laura Thomson
Training Director at Phenomenal Training


Current fascination: thinking a decade ahead, given the breathtaking advances in machine-learning and artificial intelligence:
1) how will leaders best work with an increasingly intelligently-automated workforce? 2) what skills are required for today's workers to maximise their human potential and not become robots ourselves?
3) how should we best equip today's children to prepare them for meaningful work in 2030?

My background is that I am a leadership trainer specialising in confidence-building and techniques for calm, decisive and effective communication. Designing and facilitating workshops as well as culture change programmes and speaking at conferences. 17 years Learning & Development experience gained in large corporate as well as start-up companies.

Passionate about working with people who want to maximise their potential, deliver phenomenal customer service and derive joy from work. I work with phenomenal clients as diverse as Heathrow Airport, The Body Shop, Unilever, Thames Tideway, Ann Summers, Argos, Phase Eight and various education authorities.

I am currently delivering 'leadership and team evolution' programmes exploring how teams can remain professionally relevant as more of a job’s tasks are automated. Focusing on ‘the 4C moments’ is the key to augmenting human performance alongside tech. I work as part of a collective and we also run sessions on how to create the ultimate human+ workplace by becoming more emotionally intelligent, personally resilient and mentally present.

The challenge is how we do this amid all the busy-ness of modern life without becoming robotic ourselves.

So what will this all mean for your organisation and your personal career as we increase the amount of Artificial Intelligence within our work?

Here's my TEDx talk about how we best equip ourselves and our children for our new world or work

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