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Startup Elevate | Global Startup Events Series
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Ceeblue Media Services


Ceeblue Media Services is an internet video processing company offering a unique, cutting-edge, cost-effective alternative to available online video technology.

Ceeblue’s mission is to become “the Spotify of video processing” - the number one go-to company for flexible end-to-end video processing and streaming.

What We Do

Flash’s end is coming in 2020. Ceeblue has developed Flash’s successor WebRTC, allowing lightning-fast video transportation across the web for the most popular operating systems. Our application is CeeWebRTC - adaptive bitrate. We have a head start of the coming wave - CeeWebRTC can transport video faster, smarter and cheaper than anyone else. This is an opportunity to get in early as WebRTC quickly becomes standard. Ceeblue’s endless potential client list includes any company wanting to leave Flash to stream live and video-on-demand efficiently.

Ceeblue’s three core products can be used individually or combined to offer a cheaper overall solution:

CeeWebRTC with adaptive bitrate

Ceecoder - advanced video transcoding with automated adverts, titles, watermarks

Ceenet - hybrid CDN/peer-to-peer application


Ceeblue was founded in 2017 in The Netherlands by two seasoned media design and telecommunications professionals after they realised the potential in the advanced video applications written by their experienced coders.