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Automatic automation

Marketing automation platforms are anything but automatic. Businesses spend months planning and configuring just to drive basic digital communication. Engag3d eliminates the need for manually managed marketing, with unique Smart Skills that do the work for you. These Skills learn from user data and improve over time, driving efficiency and saving money.

Finally, a marketing platform that does your marketing. Customers sign up and never use the platform!

Why Engag3d?

  • Digital marketing is hard to manage and expensive to run.
  • Marketing software is aimed at trained professionals, not clients.
  • Businesses spend too much time managing platforms and little time ‘doing’ marketing.
  • Smart Skills automate execution and measurement.
  • Engag3d is 4 times cheaper to run and allows businesses to grow 3 times faster!

What are Smart Skills?

  • Smart Skills run your digital marketing and engage customers with minimal effort by automating communication processes.
  • Skills are packaged sets of workflows, emails, and insights that perform specific communication functions automatically.
  • Engag3d is a unique to the world platform that is self-configuring, eliminating the need for manual handling.
  • We use a mix of AI, Machine Learning and pre-configuration to achieve this.