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Startup Elevate | Global Startup Events Series
Global Startup Events Series

Imaged Reality


Imaged Reality is a virtual reality startup. We developed 3DGAIA is a VR application that enables immersive learning and remote collaboration, linking expertise across the Globe. 3DGAIA has applications to Geological field trips, interpretation of oil and gas reservoir analogues, training in drilling rigs, facilities, etc. Users can import 3D Models and other media to develop training and collaboration sessions in 3DGAIA.

An instructor can deliver geological field trips in virtual reality, remotely. Participants can experience an outcrop at real scale, draw directly on it, walk along it, or fly over it. 3DGAIA integrates satellite imagery, and other subsurface data. 3DGAIA Team can enable multiple users to join to the same experience across the Globe. We were selected for Shell VR Incubator, where we delivered a pilot for a multiuser training session in 3DGAIA, connecting successfully teams in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rijswijk, London and Houston. Here some testimonials from young engineers and geologist using 3DGAIA. 3DGAIA has applications to other Industries such us construction, engineering, etc. and to the Learning and Development sector.

Here are some testimonials from young engineers and geologists using 3DGAIA