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Startup Elevate | Global Startup Events Series
Global Startup Events Series

Raimbow ChillRun


Raimbow ChillRun is 100% black, youth and women-owned company. A new venture, registered last year in the Republic of South Africa.

Our main business focuses on protecting, creating, digitizing and monetizing African Art; so that Africans can be acknowledged and duly remunerated for their work.

Our long term vision is to provide services for Africa’s art creators and collectors that enable them to easily exhibit and trade in the international market through an adequate and accessible virtual presence.

This virtual presence comes in two phases, namely:

1) The documentation (photographs and video) of physical works
2) The digital cataloguing of these items and subsequent creation of personalized websites and relevant social media pages.

Our theory of change (TOC) is to use the millennial lens and understanding of the digital space to ensure that African content is sufficiently equipped to trade on a high level in the international market.

The services we provide are:

  • Digitisation of artwork and artifacts
  • Virtual cataloging of works
  • Creation of websites and social media platforms for the digital catalogues which enable distribution of the works
  • Maintenance of these virtual spaces (back end and front end systems)
  • Advice on Intellectual Property rights and avenues of distribution.