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Jul 03
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08:00 - 09:00 60 mins
Registration and breakfast
09:00 - 09:10 10 mins
Chairperson’s opening remarks
09:10 - 09:30 20 mins
Paving the way to AI driven digital transformation
  • What does the promise of automation and AI bring to telco operators?
  • Switching to an AI mindset and infrastructure
  • Elevating pressure on networks, especially in the context of new 5G opportunities
  • Identifying AI & ML priority areas for telco operators
  • Ajay Singh - Senior Director of Product Management, Global Analytics Business, Nokia
09:30 - 10:00 30 mins
Top 25 mistakes telecom operators are making in their advanced analytics programs

Most organizations are making 25 mistakes which can be grouped into strategy, people, execution, technology, finance. Some of the most common mistakes to be explored in this presentation are:

  • Day-dreaming that analytics is a plug & play magic wand that will bring very short-term ROI
  • Solving problems that are not worth solving
  • Organizing analytics under functions which do not drive the business daily
  • Not embedding analytics in the operating models and day-to-day workflows
  • Not being able to scale analytics pilots up
  • Pedro Uria Recio - Vice President, Head of Analytics, Axiata
10:00 - 10:20 20 mins
Interpreting customer behaviour to identify new revenue streams for operators
  • Realising the value of operator network data to deliver actionable customer insights for improving internal services and creating external opportunities.
  • Omnidirectional customer insight and prediction with real-time analytics, learning models and AI
  • Why are MNOs so well placed to tap into large advertising markets with new corporate customers?
  • Unlocking the business opportunity beyond MNO’s existing subscriber pool
  • Shaun Chang - Vice President of Mobility Intelligence, Groundhog Technologies
10:20 - 10:50 30 mins
Panel discussion: Unlocking opportunities from big data and AI in a core telco environment
  • Breaking down the key opportunities for operators
    • Network optimisation
    • Monetizing your data
    • Customer experience
  • Can you afford to wait and risk of being left behind the AI telco curve?
  • Identifying telecom operators most valuable data
  • Integrating end to end analytics into telco operations
  • In-house development vs. vendor solutions: Assessing the pros and cons of both options
  • Harsh Mittal - Head of Engineering, Circles.Life
  • Pedro Uria Recio - Vice President, Head of Analytics, Axiata
  • Joel Wong Cheng Yuen - Head of Big Data COE & Data Innovation, Maxis
  • Moderator Mei Lee Quah - Associate Director – Telecoms & Payments Strategy, Frost & Sullivan
10:50 - 11:10 20 mins
Road to external monetization for Deutsche Telekom, Orange and O2
  • Unlocking the potential from the most valuable telco data using:
    • Population Analytics / Location Intelligence
    • Targeted marketing as a service
    • Risk scoring & validation APIs
  • 1 million Euro on a 5 million people market. An EU case study on delivery:
    • Delivering a secure platform for the post-GDPR world
    • Launching a data driven product in under 6 months
    • ROI within the first year
  • Future of GPU enabled big data processing
  • Matej Misik - Director, Business Development, Instarea
11:10 - 12:10 60 mins
Morning networking and refreshments break - Featuring a Speed Networking session

Please contact Max Holland to register your place for Speed Networking 

Phone: +44 (20) 701 75888

12:10 - 12:30 20 mins
Autonomous care: Driving efficiency with the deployment of chatbots
  • Feeding customer demand for online interaction and reducing the need for human intervention
  • How great of a need is there for Asian operators to deploy multilingual chatbots?
  • Upgrading your chatbots to answer more complex questions
  • Integrating emotional intelligence and sentiment analysis into your chatbots
  • Continuously improving and managing your chatbots for enhanced user experience
  • Sandra De Zoysa - Group Chief Customer Officer, Dialog Axiata PLC
12:30 - 13:00 30 mins
Panel discussion: Leveraging customer insight and formulating more detailed customer profiles
  • Using machine learning to understand your customers’ requirements
  • Monitoring customer responses
  • Uncovering insights from previously untapped data sources
  • Ultimately improving customer satisfactions and reducing churn
  • Mr Ahmed Saady Yaamin - Executive Vice President, Market Strategy and Planning, Robi Axiata
  • Rowell Carreon - Senior Advisor, Telco Analytics, Thakral One
  • Dheeraj Kumar - Vice President Strategy and Analytics, XL Axiata
  • Moderator Aaron Boasman-Patel - Vice President, AI & Customer Centricity, TM Forum
13:00 - 13:20 20 mins
Digi Telecommunications case study: Preventing churn with predictive analytics
  • Predictive modelling and big data analysis
  • Identifying issues and customer dissatisfaction early
  • Simplifying the objectives for your churn reduction strategy and building this into your predictive models:
    • What does the customer really need?
    • When does the customer need your attention?
    • What solution is the most appropriate for you to present?
  • Asif Iqbal - Head of Data Science, Digi Telecommunications
13:20 - 13:40 20 mins
How can real-time analytics lead to timely and higher quality marketing interactions with customers?
  • Understanding the benefits of real time analysis compared to batch analysis
  • Identifying new customer trends and demographics
  • Providing real time messaging and generating tailored customer offerings in real-time
  • How important is role of ML in detecting new insight from customer?
  • 5G as an enabler for real-time analytics
  • Mahmoud Dasser - International Sales & Marketing Executive | Ex. Chief Marketing and Partnership Officer, Telekom Malaysia
13:40 - 14:50 70 mins
Networking Lunch
14:50 - 15:10 20 mins
Advancing network operations and reliability with the integration of AI
  • Advances in performance monitoring
  • Accessing the most relevant data sources
  • Appreciating the crucial link between network performance and customer experience management
  • Unlocking the benefits that AI can provide for NFV and SDN
  • Subhash Chopra - Director, Technology - Innovation, Altran
15:10 - 15:30 20 mins
FarEasTone Case study: Using big data analytics to continuously identify problematic network areas

This presentation will explain how FarEasTone uses individual-level network analytics to identify new problematic network areas with high, yet un-reported, customer dissatisfactions. Based on the information, FarEasTone:

  • Proactively fixes network coverage issues
  • Can upgrade capacity and infrastructure with reduced investment costs
  • Can better react to individual customers’ network issues with reasonable ROI analysis
  • Has risen customer network satisfaction, in 2 years, from the mid- to the best tier in its market
  • Sherman Lee - Executive Vice President, Strategy and Finance Division, FarEasTone
15:30 - 15:50 20 mins
AI and its pivotal role in enabling 5G networks
  • Using AI and ML to programmatically plan and deploy your 5G network
    • Utilising the additional precision of AI to find the best tower locations and beamforming configurations
  • Will the same analytics approach for LTE work with 5G?
  • How can AI enable 5G and, conversely, what can 5G unlock for AI?
  • 5G or AI: What is more of a priority for Asian telecoms operators and why?
  • Mahinda Herath - Group Chief Digital Officer, Sri Lanka Telecom
15:50 - 16:40 50 mins
Afternoon networking and refreshments break
16:40 - 17:00 20 mins
Transitioning from a reactive to a preventative approach: Utilizing machine learning to predict network failures
  • Employing real-time monitoring strategies to kick off your journey to automation
  • Increasing network security
  • Improving network visualisation
  • Analysing real-time data alongside historical data to leverage deep insight with the use of ML
  • Hafidz Daud - Team Lead, Predictive Analytics & AI, Telekom Malaysia
17:00 - 17:20 20 mins
The importance of analytics in SDN and NFV – a pragmatic approach based on a real-life use case
  • What are the typical challenges of SDN/NFV solutions compared to traditional network solutions?
  • Why do they need analytics and what type of analytics?
  • What is a step by step approach to develop both your analytics and SDN solutions, so they provide together the best outcome for your networks?
  • Simon Delord - Principal Infrastructure and Cloud Architect, Telstra
17:20 - 18:35 75 mins
Telco AI Summit Asia Awards Ceremony & Networking Drinks Reception
08:00 - 09:00

Registration and breakfast

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