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Celebrating excellence in connected entertainment innovation


29th March 2017

Redesigned for 2017, the TV Connect Awards, are the perfect way to celebrate excellence and innovation across the disruptive media and telco landscape. The 2017 Awards will be taking place on the Silver Sturgeon cruiser, where attendees will be treated to a night of live entertainment and gourmet dinner whilst cruising across the Thames taking in breathtaking views of London by night. This is an evening not to be missed. Book your ticket now to reserve your place.

  • 18:30- Boat arrives at North Greenwich Pier
  • 18:45- Boat departs from North Greenwich Pier
  • 22:15- Boat reaches pier for drop off

2017 Categories

Category 1: Best Cloud-Based Video Service

With operators looking for reduced infrastructure and installation costs, as well as the ability to add features and content quickly, trends suggest that the set-top box is transitioning to the cloud.

The Best Cloud-Based Video Service Award will recognise innovations in delivering new products to customers more efficiently using cloud technology. Entrants must demonstrate how their technology or service is improving the user experience for viewers and reducing operator costs.

Category 2: Best Content Discovery Service

The traditional grid-based EPG is continually evolving to meet consumer expectations. Today, it is no longer sufficient to simply offer scheduling information; guides must combine content integrating program information, personalized recommendations, related internet resources and social media for various devices.

The Best Content Discovery Service Award will recognise innovations specifically in search and navigation technology. Entrants must demonstrate how their technology or service is improving the user experience for viewers, offering the content and information they want to see via the medium they want to see it in.

Category 3: Best Audience Intelligence Platform

Being able to understand your customer in real time can certainly provide the intelligence to offer the most relevant products and services. It allows far greater granularity for targeted campaigns, as well as recommending relevant content on the right device. 

The Award for Best Audience Intelligence Platform will recognise innovations specifically in data ingestion and analytics. Entrants must demonstrate how their technology or service is increasing revenues, reducing churn or offering an enhanced service to their customers.

Category 4: Best Content Delivery Service or Innovation

As the volume of content across networks continues to grow exponentially, there is the constant requirement for content delivery networks to improve simultaneously. 

The Best Content Delivery Service or Innovation Award will recognise managed broadcast solutions helping to provide low latency, format-optimised content delivery to a vast range of devices. Entrants must demonstrate how their service or innovation is improving the user experience for viewers and reducing costs for operators.

Category 5: Best Innovation in cross-boundary convergence

The lines between traditional broadcast, content, fixed and mobile networks have for some time now been blurring. It is those that have been able to navigate the new digital media supply chain that will be able to thrive. 

The Best Innovation in Cross Boundary Convergence Award will recognise innovations specifically in media delivery across multiple channels. Entrants must demonstrate how their technology or service is improving the user experience for viewers by integrating multiples platforms, infrastructures and networks.

Category 6: Best Multiscreen TV Service

The Best Multiscreen Service or Solution Award recognises achievements in the delivery of a multiscreen TV Service or Solution which supports the delivery of video to several output terminals, including, but not limited to, TV, PC, tablet and mobile. This includes dual screen solutions. 

Category 7: Best Multiscreen Advertising Innovation

As consumption is spread across multiple devices, it’s imperative that advertisers get the greatest return on investment when a consistent message is seen across screens. Reach and recall increase when customers see TV and digital advertising, making it a powerful and effective strategy.

The Best Multiscreen Advertising Innovation Award will recognise technologies and models to support targeted ad campaigns across multiple screens and devices. Entrants must demonstrate how their technology or service has improved personalised marketing for either the client or consumer.

Category 8: Best Mobile Video Innovation

The growth in mobile video consumption brings with it many technical challenges, but also plenty of opportunity for new, exciting types of content.

The Best Mobile Video Innovation Award is open to nominations for both the mobile video service, and the technology behind it. The award will recognise innovations in mobile delivery and entrants must demonstrate how their innovation has led to an enhanced quality of service and/or new features to enhance the user experience.

Category 9: Best Innovation in Immersive Content Creation

The widely understood claim that ‘Content is King’ appears to be truer than ever, with user-generated content and direct to consumer content seeing a surge in popularity. Combined with impressive innovation across linear and OTT channels, content producers continue to push the boundaries.

The Best Innovation in Immersive Content Creation will recognise innovations in bringing the audience closer to the action. Covering, but not limited to UHD, HDR, WCG, VR, AR, entrants must demonstrate how their service is improving the user experience for viewers.

Category 10: Best Consumer Device

As services move to the cloud and become increasingly virtualised, the importance of the Consumer Device as a physical representation of a service has never been greater.

The Best Consumer Device Award will recognise innovation, design and capability of the latest and next generation of devices that provide consumers with access to the world of immersive content. Entrants must demonstrate how their device is improving the user experience for viewers and reaffirming the importance of the device as both an opportunity for customer retention and service enhancement.

Category 11: The People's Choice Award

See below for details...


The TV Connect People’s Choice Award aims to find an outstanding individual  who is having the biggest impact on the connected entertainment world. This is your chance to nominate your peers as the biggest innovator, disruptor or contributor in the industry.

Only nominations for service providers will be considered. Nominations will close on 27 February 2017.

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