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08:30 - 09:00 30 mins
Registration and coffee
09:00 - 09:10 10 mins
Chair’s Opening Remarks
09:10 - 10:00 50 mins
Panel discussion: AI, Machine Learning, VSAT and Cyber Security and Managing the Super-Networks of the Future
  • Martin Coleman - Executive Director, Satellite Interference Reduction Group
  • Steven Soenens - VP Product Marketing, Skyline Communications

Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence (AI) are emerging technologies that when applied to managing tasks or solving problems, enable computers to collate and manipulate a vast array of data and identify relationships between that data, using complex algorithms, to resolve problems quickly. We have highly experienced engineers who continue to work tirelessly to make the business of managing networks a great deal easier than in the past. But that resource is limited and with industry keen to keep OPEX to a minimum then using new technology must be the way forward.

The session will try to highlight the way forward, using the latest technology thinking and development to allow:

  • AI and Deep Learning Applications in the Satellite Industry
  • Finding and Fixing problems with VSAT with better Network Management
  • How satellites can stand out with better Cyber Security tools
10:00 - 10:20 20 mins
Case study: HAPS project
10:20 - 10:40 20 mins
The future of bus and train connectivity with satellite
  • Elisabeth Tweedie - Owner, Definitive Direction
  • What is the potential for bus and train connectivity?
  • Examples and case studies globally
  • The role of new types of antennas to connect any moving object
10:40 - 11:30 50 mins
Panel Discussion: The evolution of the maritime industry with the help of satellite technology
  • Ali Mohadjer - President & CEO, SatWays
  • Pierre-Jean Beylier - CEO, Speedcast International
  • Reza Rasoulian - Vice President, Global Connectivity & Shipboard Technology Operations, Carnival Corporation
  • Delivering high quality broadband to crew on-board commercial vessels and consumers on cruise ships - What are the greatest challenges?
  • How close we are to actual implementations?
  • Who are big users?
  • How to get robust coverage on commercial vessels and cruise ships?
  • Resolving interference issues in the maritime industry
  • Uniqueness on number of guests, multi-class? End-to-end service management in a B2B2C context
  • How is the maritime industry expected to evolve in the next ten years and how should the satellite industry support this?
11:30 - 12:20 50 mins
Morning Break and Networking
12:20 - 12:40 20 mins
The future of airplanes and vessels connectivity with satellite
  • Daphné Joseph - Senior Consultant, Market Access and Regulatory Compliance, Access Partnership
  • Overview of ESIM regulations in aeronautical and maritime services
  • What are the main trends in Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and the MENA region?
  • Risks associated for the service provider and how to mitigate them
  • Fines for non-compliance with the regulations
  • Data privacy and lawful intercept obligations
12:40 - 13:30 50 mins
Panel discussion: What will drive the growth for Mobility Services?
  • Paul Febvre - Febvre, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Satellite Applications Catapult
  • What are the key factors to achieve land, sea, air mobility success?
  • What can the satellite industry improve when it comes to mobility services?
  • The ever-increasing demand for more and faster broadband – What’s coming to cater for this?
  • How to optimise operations and costs for mobility
  • Mega and Giga bandwidth demands for cruise ships
  • Reality check: Are car manufacturers really going to put a satellite receiver on every car just so they can download new software? Why wouldn't they just use the cellular network?
13:30 - 14:30 60 mins
14:30 - 15:00 30 mins
Case study: Effective disaster recovery with the help of satellite technologies
  • Overview of the role of satellite technology at the time of disaster management and during recovery
  • How satellite helped with our “mission impossible”
  • Ongoing everyday projects for disaster recovery
  • Tools and technologies used and lessons learnt for similar situations in the future
15:00 - 15:50 50 mins
Panel Discussion: Connecting the unconnected - What is the role that satellite can play in reducing digital divide?
  • Panel moderator Elisabeth Tweedie - Owner, Definitive Direction
  • John Stoltz - Vice President, Network Innovations
  • What is the size and ratio of yet unconnected areas?
  • What is the plan by satellite service providers to connect the unconnected?
  • Discussing the new infrastructure required to connect the unconnected and provide internet services
  • Is there a business case for connecting the unconnected?
  • Rural connectivity challenges and how to overcome them
  • Competition and partnerships to the satellite industry – How to work together rather than compete
15:50 - 16:10 20 mins
Managing a network with Satellite and Fiber capacities
  • Wilgon Berthold Tsibo - Business Development Director, PCCW Global
  • How to choose the relevant capacity in the network management?
  • What business-model to use in each case?
  • How to optimise the satellite in the countries with no fiber?
  • What is the future of satellite with IoT and 5G?
16:10 - 17:00 50 mins
Panel Discussion: How can the VSAT industry survive and thrive in today’s age and beyond?
  • Maria Kalama - Lead, Satellite Telecommunications, Innovate UK
  • New business models and innovations which the industry needs to move forward with
  • The potential of satellite’s high mobility feature in future networks
  • How to secure the role and importance of satellite operators in planning future networks
  • Delivering specifications on how satellite can enable 5G
  • Deciding which new services and customers the satellite industry should focus on
17:00 - 17:05 5 mins
Closing remarks from the Chair
17:05 - 17:10 5 mins
End of VSAT GLOBAL Day 2