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Future Enterprise Networks
13-14 June 2023
Convene @ 22 BishopsgateLondon

Future Enterprise Networks Awards Ceremony 2023

The Future Enterprise Networks Awards Ceremony 2023 recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements, innovation and collaboration to drive enterprise digital transformation.

Awards Ceremony - 13 June 2023, 6PM BST

Entry Deadline extended - 8 June 2023

The awards set the benchmark for development, deployment and maintenance within the enterprises ecosystem, shining a light on enterprise networks and their industry partners. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!


The six categories reflect the breadth of innovative solutions and collaborative projects within the enterprises networks. 

The entries will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Innovation - Describe the services offered and why it can be considered innovative.
  • Impact - What impact does it have on customer loyalty and revenue? 
  • Outcome - What are the benefits this service delivers to the enterprise audience?

Best private networks solution for connected enterprise transformation

About: This award recognises the best private networks solution deployed to drive the enterprise digital transformation.

What are the judges looking for? The judges are looking for a solution that is currently actively deployed for an enterprise. The enterprise should be an actual paying customer and the deployment should not be supported by Government or other similar investment initiatives. The judge will evaluate the entry paying particular attention to the unique benefits delivered by the solutions as well as any qualitative and quantitative results generated for the enterprise.

Eligibility: This category accepts entries from private networks solution providers and Wi-Fi providers only. 

Most innovative managed edge service

About: This award recognises the most innovative managed edge service offered by a service provider. 

What are the judges looking for? The judges will look for information on what makes the service innovative and therefore the wider impact of the service on clients – how do the service is offered, how service helps to achieve the business needs by using edge as a key component, how edge is combined with other emerging technologies or as part of a cloud strategy across the key verticals. This may include the part of analytics, AI and any device or workload management.

Eligibility: This category accepts the entries from the service providers offering edge solutions only.

Leading security systems solution for wireless networks

About: This award recognises the leading security systems solutions for wireless networks including the assessment of key features, flexibility, extensibility, performance, and manageability. 

What are the judges looking for? The judges are looking for services that ensure the seamless security across the distributed network for enterprises, whether local, remote, physical, or virtual, wired, or wireless, in the domain or in cloud.

Eligibility: This category accepts the entries from security service providers only.

Most innovative projects in enterprise networks

About: This award recognises the most successful partnership between an enterprise and telco/vendor partner for wireless networks deployments. 

What are the judges looking for? The judges will assess how does the partnership help to overcome the actual challenges for the enterprises when building up the network, what support are service providers able to provide when needed as well as the key elements of these partnerships: concept development, deployments strategies and maintenance as well as what distinguishes the project according to innovative POV among the competitors.

Eligibility: This category accepts the entries from enterprises and service providers only.

Best enterprise green networks solution

About: This award recognises the best green enterprise networks solution deployed by solution provider or by service provider. 

What are the judges looking for? The judges will assess the solution’s ability to drive the business deliverables closer to net-zero, energy efficient network usage as well as a sustainable approach to enterprise networks management.

Eligibility: This category accepts the entries from solutions providers only.

Leading-edge solution for enterprise networks

About: This award recognizes the most innovative edge solution by a specialist vendor. 

What are the judges looking for? The judges will look for information on what makes the vendor innovative and its ability to meet enterprise clients’ business needs. Key aspects include usage of emerging technologies, a user-friendly interface, clearly articulated go-to-market, vertical and use case specific capabilities, and a robust partner ecosystem.

Eligibility: This category accepts the entries from edge solution providers only.

Entry Guidelines

To submit an entry, you need to create an account for the Future Enterprise Networks Awards online platform Events Force , this takes only a few minutes and can be done on the website.

Once you have started your online entry you may work on your submission(s) up until 23.59 BST on the day of the deadline.


  • Entries must be written in English
  • Entries must be no longer than 300 words
  • The award entries must be accompanied by a title (max. 10 words) and a synopsis of the entry (max. 100 words) that will appear on all publicity material
  • All award entries must be submitted via our online platform Events Force
  • All entries must include a clear rationale and operational relevance to the category for which they are entering. Entries that do not specify the criteria to the respective category, may not be considered by judges
  • All entries submitted to the Future Enterprises Networks awards will be treated as confidential, but will be read by our appointed judges and internal administrative teams, and we reserve the right to extract excerpts for marketing purposes
  • A company can’t enter the same category more than once unless the product or project are distinctively different. Please contact us if you are unclear. The Future Enterprise Networks team reserves the right to decline entries in the occasion where a company has submitted multiple entries in a single award category
  • Confidentiality. Informa Tech, organiser of the Future Enterprise Networks Awards, recognises and respects the sensitive nature of the information submitted in the entries. We ensure that this recognition is shared by our judging panel and that entries are not disclosed or discussed outside the judging process

Success Tips

  • Check your entry meets the criteria.  You’d be surprised how many entries get rejected due to a simple mistake such as being in the wrong category. The judges will check your entry against the criteria. You should too.
  • Stick to the word limit. Make the most of the 300-word limit and focus on what really matters. We recommend using stats, figures and measurable results that emphasise your achievements as part of the entry. Using real-life examples of how the technology has been applied (e.g., by a customer) and the results this delivered are highly encouraged as well.
  • Start your entry/responses with the key information about the entry, what you really want the judges to know about. Then explain the What, Where, When and How in the entry
  • Write your entry in a clear, to the point and concise manner that keeps the judges’ attention
  • Do enter more than one category. There is no limit to the number of categories you can enter. A single project, deal or technology solution could work for several categories.
  • Make sure you press that submit button before the deadline. Late entries don’t count