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Future Enterprise Networks
8 - 10 October 2024
Porte De VersaillesParis
8 - 10 October 2024
Porte De Versailles,


The 2020 Digital Series will take you beyond the hype to debunk myths and define the next steps for edge computing realisation

Created for business leaders and innovators from the entire edge computing ecosystem, register for the 2020 series now to uncover the answers to your business-critical questions. Read on to discover more, including sponsorship opportunities to meet your business objectives!


Learn, engage and discuss the future of Edge Computing with thought-leaders across the globe.

Here is the Digital Series overview:

Monetising the Telco Edge

It is widely accepted the edge will play a key role in unlocking the full potential of 5G, but whilst we have seen significant time and investment dedicated to forwarding MEC as a technology there is still uncertainty about how operators will make money from edge services. This webinar will look to answer this all important question and give you crucial insights into how to maximise the potential of the telco edge. 

The session will explore a number of key topics, including: 

  • What is the Telco edge
  • Defining the telco business case for the edge computing
  • How the edge will enable next gen 5G applications and services?
  • What are the most promising new streams of revenue that the edge will unlock?
  • How can telecom operators get the most out of their newly formed partnerships with major cloud service providers?

Integrating Edge Computing into Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Edge computing is a new concept to many enterprise developers and IT specialists, but it’s clear that the technology will have a revolutionary impact on the way data is managed and the functionality of next-gen applications in the coming years. This webinar will offer an exciting introduction to edge computing for those looking to learn more about how their business can capitalise on the edge opportunity and how you can build edge computing into your wider cloud strategy. 

The session will touch on key topics, including: 

  • What is edge computing and what does it mean for enterprises?
  • Assessing the benefits of moving compute to the edge: Top enterprise edge computing use cases
  • How much will access to edge services from Cloud Service Providers end up costing enterprise customers?
  • Considering the new compute ecosystem: From cloud to edge

The Rise of Micro Edge Data Centres

Data centre operators are now having to consider a completely new way of working , effectively turning their long established business model upside down as the demand for more distributed computing grows. It’s crucial that data centre operators stay ahead of the curve when it comes to edge computing and this webinar will provide invaluable insight into how to approach micro edge data centre strategy and deployment. 

The session will dive into key topics, including: 

  • What are the drivers behind the move towards increased micro edge data centre deployment?
  • Other than simply size, what are the key differentiating factors between a traditional data centre and a micro edge date centre?
  • A closer look at best practice for micro edge date centre architecture: power, enclosures, remote management
  • How much energy will micro edge data centre consume?
  • Should data centre operators be forward deploying micro edge data centres to meet the expected levels of growing demand?
  • How challenging is the remote management of multiple micro edge data centres at once?
8 - 10 October 2024
Porte De Versailles,


Whatever your business priorities for 2020 and beyond, the Edge Computing Digital Series will place you at the centre of the industry of the edge computing industry, and put you in front of the innovators and influencers that matter.