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Global Carrier Billing Summit

17 - 18 September 2024
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Empowering MNOs to navigate the evolving digital economy

The Global Carrier Billing and Mobile Payments Summit will equip stakeholders from global Mobile Network Operators with the knowledge, tools, and connections needed to drive revenue growth, enhance user engagement, and establish strategic partnerships.

Why attend the GCB Summit in 2024?

The GCB Summit brings the two parallel worlds of carrier billing and e-wallets together, to empower MNOs as key player in the mobile payments landscape.

Merging carrier billing and e-wallets in the same event is critical due to the intersection and overlap between these two payment methods. While carrier billing allows users to charge purchases to their mobile phone bills or prepaid balances, e-wallets provide digital wallets for storing funds and making various types of transactions. 

Best of both worlds

Understanding the intersection between carrier billing and e-wallets will empower you align your business objectives with the evolving needs of your customers and the rapidly evolving dynamics of the wider mobile payments ecosystem.

Market Penetration

Gain insights into latest trends, technologies and best practices specific to new and emerging markets, to capitalise on opportunities effectively and enable market penetration. 

Market Expansion

Gather market intelligence, identify emerging trends, and explore potential expansion into new markets that'll empower you to make informed strategic decisions and seize growth opportunities. 

Partnership Opportunities

Explore new partnerships as you connect with digital merchants and content providers, and foster collaborations that can expand your service offerings and generate additional revenue streams. 

Strengthen Existing Relationships

Engage in face-to-face interactions and discussions with existing carriers to nurture relationships, address concerns, and explore ways to enhance collaboration, that will lead to mutual growth and success. 

Networking and Industry Insights

Gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends, market dynamics, and consumer preferences related to carrier billing and e-wallets, to adapt your strategies, optimize offerings, and seize emerging opportunities. 

Unveil new opportunity by enhancing your carrier billing offering

Generate new revenue streams

  • Offer your subscribers a seamless payment method, increasing the likelihood of purchases and generating revenue from digital goods, services, and subscriptions. 
  • Diversify your revenue streams by providing their customers with alternative payment options beyond carrier billing, catering to different user preferences.

Establish new partnerships and collaboration

  • Integrate your services, expand your reach and potential user base. 
  • Foster innovation and stay at the forefront of the mobile payments industry.

Elevate user engagement and retention

  • Enhance your customers' overall experience, increase user satisfaction and loyalty by offering convenient and user-friendly payment options.

Claim your complimentary pass today

Mobile Network Operator representatives are eligible for a complimentary pass to the two-day summit. Subject to approval*, your pass gets you access to:

  • Two days of quality keynote presentations, panel discussions and case studies
  • Interactive Q&As with speakers during presentations
  • Exhibitions where you will be able to explore the latest technology, meet with exhibitors and view demos of products and services
  • Conference content, exhibitor products, services information and downloadable thought leadership content

*Informa reserves the right to define what constitutes a service provider & enterprise representative and a free pass will be provided following approval from Informa.