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Managed Services World Congress
19 September 2017
The Grange Tower Bridge HotelLondon


About the Managed Services World Congress Awards

Managed Services World Congress included an Awards ceremony for the first time ever in 2016, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event but also to showcase best practice and successful partnerships in the industry.

The Awards took place at the end of day one of the conference, September 27th, and were announced by 3 expert judges:

Kris Szaniawski, Lead Analyst, Intelligent Networks, Ovum

Stéphane Téral, Principal Analyst, Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics, IHS Technology

Manfred Schmitz, Managing Partner, Detecon International

There were two categories for the Awards, including the Managed Services Partnership Award and the Managed Services Innovation Award.  For each category, the first and second place winners were announced:

Innovation Award 1st place - Huawei

Huawei were awarded for their Operation Web Services (OWS)

Operation Web Services (OWS) is a Cloud based platform with an extensive ecosystem comprising many Network Services Apps built by Operation Engineers through the use of all the microservices’ service components. The main objective is to simplify, standardize and manage the operations with extensive automation, in order to meet the rapid changes of business requirements within the service provider’s environment.

OWS can be connected / integrated to any multi-vendor network and/or IT operations systems.  The OWS’s intelligent self-learning platform engine will capture structured and unstructured data, performing analytical analysis via defined algorithms, to provide real time actionable insights to the Operation team and autonomous recovery of network resources throughout the network.

OWS provides the flexibility to fit all operation environments. Globally, the average network availability improved by 5%, the average Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) improved by 16% and the Change Request (CR) success rate improved by 7%.  Today, Huawei achieved 30% automation with OWS.  As network becomes more & more IT enabled in the SDN/NFV era, as well as more IT operations are operated by Managed Services, Huawei believe they can achieve over 50% by year end 2016.  The long term goal is to benchmark against IT Operations of the OTT players, where 90%+ are achieved.

Currently, there are 100+ operations using OWS from different regions globally based on different contract scope.  In fact, 110+ Apps were developed by the local operation engineers and are being shared within Huawei’s OWS AppStore.

Innovation Award 2nd place - Amdocs

Amdocs were awarded for their Value Mining Service, powered by the ORBIT IP platform

Amdocs Value Mining Service (Powered by the ORBIT platform) is a unique, innovative, market-first and business value-driven solution for optimizing service providers’ IT ecosystems.

The target market is communication service providers of all sizes and lines of businesses (including mobile, wireline, broadband satellite and cable).

Amdocs Value Mining Service focuses on optimizing service providers’ IT environments and maximizing the value of their existing assets. It does this by identifying and improving areas with the highest monetary business value, as per the company’s business goals.

The solution is powered by the ORBIT IP platform, an internally-developed, patent-pending business intelligence (BI) platform.

The solution’s primary value and ROI are represented by the business value generated throughout the managed services engagement. Such a standard far exceeds what is typically expected of traditional managed services.

Partnership Award 1st place - Airtel Africa & Nokia Partnership

Airtel Africa and Nokia have a long standing relationship managing both the 2G/3G mobile network in 11 countries in Africa as well as the build and operations of an IP backbone for 17 countries in Africa, which are all managed centrally.  Centralization and standardisation to drive quality has been a key objective for Airtel and Nokia, now spanning a large part of the African continent and bringing high quality connectivity to subscribers in Africa. The close cooperation with Airtel Africa as well as the Airtel people in each of the 17 countries helped to build a best in class network.

A landmark shift occurred when MS for Enterprise routers for business connectivity was added. It has enabled Airtel Africa to open new line of Business and even Airtel Money platform, a key driver for economy in several African countries, is now riding on Nokia’s MPLS.

As of now, enterprise network has been launched in 8 countries with 35 MPLS nodes and 50% capacity augmentation, leading to 110% increase in traffic.  Once all planned countries are covered, it will lead to a reliable digital backbone with significant socio-economic benefits for the continent, realising the human possibilities of technology.

Nokia also manages the Mobile Network (end to end) operations for 11 countries in Africa from its GDC in India with high performance (Availability 100% Core, >99.7 for RAN). Many synergies have been achieved in field management and operations across IP and Mobile technologies as well. Besides quality benefits also reducing costs in the field up to 50% and in operations with approx. 15%.

Partnership Award 2nd place - TDC & Huawei Partnership

Once TDC made the strategic decision to provide the best network and customer experience in Denmark in 2013, it formed a strategic partnership with Huawei Managed Services in order to help deliver it.  The partnership is built around orchestrating three major service components into an effective “Value Centric Operations” model.  The three components include the creation of advanced quality management and service centric operations, a “no customer impact” transition and the delivery of network modernization.

The network operation responsibility has been successfully transferred to Huawei Managed Services team without any customer impact.  After more than 1 year of operations, TDC’s network data traffic has increased by 260% and customer satisfaction has been improved by 10%.  On April 2015, the Danish Technological Institute evaluated TDC as the best mobile network in Denmark by conducting in a test based on readings taken from 500 mast sites for call quality, streaming quality and upload and download speeds.  Global speed test from OpenSignal stated that TDC’s 4G network ranked as the fastest network in the world in terms of customer experiences.  Huawei is continuously committed to optimize TDC’s network, Danish Technological Institute and P3 group ranked TDC as the Danish best network again in 2016.


Submissions for the 2016 MS Awards are now closed. We thank everyone who applied.

The Awards submissions for 2017 will open soon, with even more categories so keep an eye on this space!