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Nov 14
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07:30 - 10:30 180 mins
Main agenda
Registration opens
08:00 - 09:00 60 mins
Main agenda
Workshop & Business Breakfast hosted by International Telecommunications Union
  • Speaker Lara Srivastava - Head of the Bridging the Standardization Gap Programme & Counsellor of ITU-T Study Group 3, International Telecommunication Union
  • Speaker Amine Mcharek - Programme coordinator - Bridging the Standardization Gap Programme, International Telecommunication Union
  • Speaker Renato Andrade - Independent MVNO consultant, Acqua Telecom

Part 1: An overview of ITU-T activities on telecommunication/ICT economic and policy issues

  • How ITU-T is taking a multi stakeholder approach to addressing international telecommunication/ICT policy and economic issues with a view to informing the development of regulatory models and frameworks.
  • ITU-T activities on the economic and regulatory impact of the Internet, convergence and new services, on international telecommunication services and networks. 

Part 2: Knowledge café on current challenges facing the MVNOs market

  • Q1: How can the interests of MVNOs be better represented at the regional and global level?
  • Q2: What are the key market challenges that should be addressed by ITU

Structure of knowledge café

8:20 - 8:30: Discussions per table on question 1.

8:30 – 8:40: Each table presents a summary of their discussion.

8:40 – 8:50: Discussions per table on question 2.

8:50 – 9:00: Each table presents a summary of their discussion.

09:00 - 09:10 10 mins
Main agenda
Chairman’s Welcome
  • Chairman Dario Talmesio - Practice Leader, Europe, Ovum
09:05 - 10:00 55 mins
Main agenda
Evaluating the results of a capped Europe
  • Moderator Dario Talmesio - Practice Leader, Europe, Ovum
  • Speaker Chris Tooley - CEO, Lycamobile Group
  • Speaker Jacques Bonifay - President, MVNO Europe
  • Speaker Agustin Diaz-Pines - Case Handler, European Commission
  • Speaker Simone Keglovics - General Counsel - Senior Head of Wholesale & Regulatory, Drei Austria
  • Speaker Federico Homberg - Head of International Mobile Wholesale, Deutsche Telekom
  • Speaker Alberto Carro-Melero - Strategy & Market Development, Telefonica Global Roaming, Germany
  • Speaker Lara Srivastava - Head of the Bridging the Standardization Gap Programme & Counsellor of ITU-T Study Group 3, International Telecommunication Union
  • How will “Roam Like At Home” (RLAH) change the market?
  • Identifying which countries adopt the “fair use – opt-out” and how this will influence the market
  • What benefits and challenges will MNOs and MVNOs face as a result of RLAH?
  • To what extent will the number of MVNO be influenced?
  • How this will affect the end user buying pattern and service usage and to what extent?
  • Is there a need for a European wide price increase and will this be done gradually?
10:00 - 10:20 20 mins
Main agenda
PRESENTATION: Responding to regulatory change with innovative new business models for MVNOs in Austria
  • Speaker Arvind Balakrishnan - Head of Marketing, Plintron
  • Outlining the challenges faced by new MVNOs in already cluttered markets
  • Understanding the continuously evolving regulatory norms and operator requirements
  • Case Study: MVNO launch by Plintron in Austria
10:20 - 10:50 30 mins
Main agenda
PANEL DISCUSSION: A step in the right direction against terrorism: Telco operators enforce anti-terror laws
  • Moderator Ian Streule - Partner, Analysys Mason
  • Speaker Dario Talmesio - Practice Leader, Europe, Ovum
  • Speaker Jörg Henkel - Senior Expert - Wholesale Business Development Manager, Deutsche Telekom
  • Speaker Ivana Nichtova Dietrich - Marketing Advisor, Slovak Telekom, Slovakia
  • Why must end users must register for a SIM cards?
  • Outlining the benefits and strategies behind the development of these anti-terrorism laws
  • How will this registration requirement impact MVNOs?
  • Examining the business costs and work load required to adhere to this law
  • What impact does this have on the customer?
10:50 - 11:50 60 mins
Main agenda
Morning Break & Speed Networking
11:50 - 12:05 15 mins
Main agenda
PRESENTATION: How to prepare for the unknown that is Brexit
  • Speaker Mike Conradi - Partner, DLA Piper
  • What will Brexit mean for the UK telco market?
  • Which regulations will the UK continue to implement?
  • Will the UK be a soft power and continue to consult and advise within the European telco market?
  • How will Brexit impact national MVNOs and international MVNO penetration?
  • Is this an opportunity for MVNOs to invest and focus their efforts on tourism led business?
12:05 - 12:20 15 mins
Main agenda
Customer Lifecycle Management and Value Maximisation
  • Speaker Paul Bassa - Vice President of Product Marketing, Digitalk
  • Managing the full subscriber lifecycle, creating the optimal engagement model
  • Utilising business intelligence with machine learning to model subscriber behaviour
  • Minimise churn and maximise subscriber value opportunities
12:20 - 12:35 15 mins
Main agenda
Why strategic partnerships allow you to keep your eye on the customer
  • Speaker Helen Hoult - Head of ASDA Mobile and Utility Warehouse MVNOs - MVNO Team, BT Wholesale
  • Highlighting the MVNOs core product for the market
  • How strategic partnerships have proved beneficial for both the MVNO and fellow stakeholders
  • How has this translated into increased service quality and greater customer satisfaction?
12:35 - 12:50 15 mins
Main agenda
Managing fraud and payments for customer retention
  • Speaker Andy McDonald - Vice President Merchant Payments - Europe, ACI Worldwide
  • Payment and fraud challenges for mobile operators and MVNOs with low switching costs for consumers
  • How to increase acceptance, promote customer loyalty and reduce fraud, across multiple channels and payment methods
  • How to secure a larger share of the growing mobile payments market, while optimizing customer experience
  • Case study examples of the benefits delivered by effective fraud management
12:55 - 13:25 30 mins
Main agenda
Developing game changing MVNO strategies focused on customer service and customer experience
  • Moderator Tom Leins - Senior Research Analyst, Telegeography
  • Speaker Jaime Pla - CEO, Suop
  • Speaker Colleen LeCount - SVP Global Sales & Marketing, Mobolize
  • What are some of the best practice MVNOs doing to fuel their success?
  • Identifying the key components of each business model and strategy
  • How are these MVNOs sustaining customer loyalty?
  • What impact, if any, have the regulations and price irregularities brought about?
  • How has this impacted each MVNOs’ end user base?
  • How will industry innovators stay ahead and continue to offer customer focused services in the face of changing landscapes and new technological disruptors?
13:25 - 13:45 20 mins
Main agenda
PRESENTATION: Delivering Borderless Mobile Access Over the Top
  • Speaker Simon Tan - Co-Founder, uCloudlink
  • What is borderless mobile access and what it means to MVNOs?
  • What is the business model and how can MVNOs quickly involve in for “over-the-top” revenues?
  • Case studies on GlocalMe services
13:45 - 14:45 60 mins
Main agenda
Lunch Break
14:45 - 15:20 35 mins
Main agenda
Evaluating the significant price discrepancies in the European market
  • Speaker Miran Meza - CEO, MEGA M
  • Speaker Piotr Janik - Management Board Member and Founder, Aero2 Mobile
  • Speaker Francois Verzele - Wholesale Director, Orange Belgium & Luxembourg
  • Speaker Mubashar Ahsan - CEO & Founder, Tazamobile
  • Speaker Luis Angel Vazquez - Mobility Manager – Enterprises Business Development, Telecable
  • Comparing offers of 10GB of data and unlimited calls/sms for €7.00 vs 10GB and unlimited calls/sms for €29.99
  • Discussing “More for More” vs “More for Less” strategies – which strategy is proving more successful and why?
  • If MNO customer contract prices increase due to roaming cap, will MVNOs have greater flexibility with their offerings?
15:20 - 15:35 15 mins
Main agenda
CASE STUDY: Disruptive innovation in a highly competitive market
  • Speaker Marco Marchini - Head of Consumer Marketing, PosteMobile
  • Flexibility and customization: the key for a new “more-for-less” strategy
  • Value Time: appreciating the client’s time
15:35 - 15:50 15 mins
Main agenda
How to adapt and maintain a strong brand
  • Speaker Luis Angel Vazquez - Mobility Manager – Enterprises Business Development, Telecable
  • How to compete in a market with one of the highest national pricing structures in Europe
  • To what extent does the MVNO customer base influence the success or failure of the business fluctuating markets?
  • Examining why the “More for More” business model has proved fruitful for Telecable
15:50 - 16:05 15 mins
Main agenda
Evaluating the impacts of greater market consolidation in Spain
  • Speaker Pablo Freire - Chief Strategy Officer, Mas Movil, Spain
  • Discussing the increased need for mature MVNOs to adapt their strategies and consolidate to offer multiple services across sectors
  • How does this consolidation affect the price points within the market?
  • Which MVNOs are able to consolidate and what happens to those that do not or cannot?
  • How will this influence how MVNOs obtain solid growth with competitive prices and multiple VAS in consolidated markets?

16:05 - 16:30 25 mins
Main agenda
Afternoon Break
16:30 - 16:45 15 mins
Main agenda
How to remain competitive and attractive to the increased digital app users
  • Speaker Goran Markovic - Sales Director, GlobalTel
  • Why not turn traditional telco business models upside down?
  • Evaluating the benefits of a data only plan with voice and SMS services being added services
  • How are digital services and their delivery reducing costs?
16:45 - 17:00 15 mins
Main agenda
Best practices for European Bank/Fintech MVNO
  • Speaker Liudvikas Andriulis - Chief Marketing Officer, Effortel

  • Does it make sense for banks to go for MVNOs in the developed world?
  • Role of Fintech and changing banking landscape
  • MVNO rationale for banks and Fintech companies in Europe
  • Differences in approach between developing and developed world
  • Best practices
17:00 - 17:20 20 mins
Main agenda
Smart MVNO. Intelligent differentiation with future proof flexibility
  • Speaker Norbert Schüppler - Founder & CEO, Mobile One GmbH
  • Speaker Petter Näslund - Vice President of Product Management, Symsoft AB - Operator Division of CLX Communications AB
  • Overview of Mobile One & Symsoft
  • What is a Smart MVNO?
  • What are the benefits of being a Smart MVNO? Benefits for MNOs and for end users?

  • How can Smart MVNOs form a strategic partnership?
  • Summary, key considerations and Q&A
17:20 - 18:00 40 mins
Main agenda
ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Exploring new forms of communication between operators and end users
  • Moderator Ian Ginn - Founder/Director, IFG Consulting Ltd
  • How do operators get through to clients when ad blocking is at an all-time high?
  • Which social media outlets are proving to be the most effective communication tools?
  • What type of messaging is more engaging and is providing better results?
  • What comes beyond social media in your marketing strategy?
  • Is there already an indication of what the future of operator-end user communication will be like in the next three years?

Led by Ian Ginn, Founder & Director, IFG Consulting Ltd., UK

18:00 - 19:00 60 mins
Main agenda
End of Day 1
18:30 - 22:30 240 mins
Main agenda
MVNOs Pub Quiz Networking Party

What would an MVNOs event be without a party? We are delighted to invite our attendees to join us for an informal fun filled evening of Pub Quizzing. Team up with your industry peers and test your general knowledge.

18:30 Welcome drinks

19:00 Pub Quiz starts


18, Hill House, Wine Office Court,

London, EC4A 3BQ