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Dates And Venue For 2019 Will Be Announced Soon

Thank you for attending the RISC-V Day Shanghai. Dates and venue for 2019 will be announced soon.

Join us December 3 - 6 in Santa Clara, CA for the first RISC-V Summit!


The microprocessor IP market is being disrupted, and RISC-V is fast gaining support as an attractive license-free approach to architecture. This open standard collaboration will transform and reshape established world order of the silicon market, and the implications of this change will resonate from Silicon Valley to Silicon Fenn and beyond.

Now is the time to explore this disruptive technology, learn about its benefits, and understand the commercial implications for the strategy of your company and for those of your competitors.

Join the expansive and international RISC-V ecosystem in Shanghai this June to discuss current and prospective RISC-V projects and implementations, as well as influence the future evolution of the instruction set architecture (ISA).

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Event Highlights Include:

In-depth Technical Education
In-depth Technical Education

One day of presentations and updates on the RISC-V architecture, commercial and open-source implementations, software and silicon, vectors and security, applications and accelerators, simulation infrastructure and much more.

Leaders in the Ecosystem
Leaders in the Ecosystem

The speaking lineup will include leaders from the major players in the RISC-V ecosystem, including the leading technology companies and research institutions driving the RISC-V ISA specification.


No RISC-V Day is complete without our networking lunches & breaks where you can take time to relax and mingle with your peers.