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Antmicro is a software-driven tech company developing leading edge embedded and edge AI systems for various branches of industry. Antmicro provides applied R&D services for customers worldwide, offering assistance in prototyping, new product development and adoption of modern embedded technologies, both in the software and hardware area.

Antmicro develops tools such as Renode, its open source software development framework for building and testing multi node systems without the need for creating complicated physical hardware setups. Today, Renode is helping companies perform hardware-software co-development and early prototyping with RISC-V, and the capability to simulate a major new RISC-V platform will be unveiled at the Summit, allowing users to start developing their software before the silicon is available.

Antmicro’s commitment to open source processing platforms, FPGA, software and hardware is reflecting in its status as Platinum Founding Member of RISC-V Foundation and participation in other leading open source initiatives such as Zephyr Project and Linux Foundation.