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Calligo Technologies is a Bangalore-based company serving High Performance Computing, Big Data and AI markets.

RISC-V is a quicker path to Exascale Computing. The simple core is great for Integer computations; it needs equally simple co-processor for real-number computations.  Most RISC-V cores don’t support real-number computation in hardware due to stringent requirements of IEEE-754 and they resort to software emulation using integer instructions, resulting in dog-slow performance.

Dr. John Gustafson, a multi-award winning American Mathematician, has invented a new type of unum - Posits - in 2016. Real number computation using Posits has lot of advantages such as – increased mathematical accuracy, larger dynamic range, reduced number of bits with higher entropy per bit, and energy efficiency. CalligoTech believes that posit is a game-changing, disruptive invention at grass-root levels that has the potential to create new standards for computing. CalligoTech designed a stand-alone Posit Numeric Unit (PNU) co-processor and demonstrated World’s first Posit-enabled System at Supercomputing Asia’18, Singapore.

CalligoTech is now presenting its CRISP core (Calligo RISc-v with Posit) built using Bluespec’s Flute with PNU.  CRISP leverages same Opcode map used for Float / Double instructions.  Compiler flow is modified so that application can run without any modifications. 

Scientific / Business computing using PNU is super fast compared to software emulation. 

CalligoTech is offering its PNU-IP for integration with other RISC-V CPU designs. PNU is an ideal co-processor for any RISC-V!