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Tuesday 20 October, 2020
Digital Symposium
Tuesday 20 October, 2020
Digital Symposium

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Managing the transition towards advanced 5G

Just over a year ago, the world’s first commercial 5G networks went live. So far, over 70 mobile operators in more than 40 different countries have launched 5G services, bringing fast mobile and fixed wireless connectivity to millions of consumers. One year after commercial 5G hit the market, the industry is on the verge of moving to the next phase, to turn customer promises into reality, especially for enterprises.

During this Live digital symposium, we will look at how vendors and service providers can work together to make the various stages of the transition to 5G friction free. We will also look at how 5G operators with their suppliers and ecosystem partners can unleash the business opportunities through technology and business model innovations.

Session One: Advancing 5G

Opening and Introduction: editor

Keynote speech: The ongoing 5G migration

From end-to-end network slicing to ultra-low latency applications, telecom operators need the latest 5G technologies to fulfil their business and technology expectations. This keynote speech will examine the migration from the initial 5G rollout to embracing its more advanced capabilities. It will include a discussion of both the technology and standard readiness, as well as growing market maturity.

Panel discussion: Advancing 5G

One year into commercial 5G services, the industry has demonstrated the potential of the new technologies, especially to the consumer market. To deliver on 5G’s high promises, the industry needs to continue to evolve its 5G capability and proposition, but such migration will not be without challenges. In this panel discussion, the guests will cover topics including:

  • What sets advanced 5G apart from what we have already seen?
  • How can advanced 5G deliver on the high customer promises?
  • How to avoid potential pitfalls in the transition?

Session Two: Bringing the best of 5G to the business world

Welcome back, introducing Session Two – editor

Keynote speech: Why 5G and the business world need each other

5G needs industrial and other types of business customers to deliver on the high-value promises and the returns the operators expect, while industries, from manufacturing, retail, and construction, to transport, finance, and healthcare, will benefit enormously from 5G solutions. This keynote speech will discuss how 5G operators and their partners can best generate demand for 5G services from their business customers in the private and public sectors, and how to demonstrate and deliver the values of 5G to them.

Panel Discussion: Bringing the best of 5G to the business world

The telecom operators running 5G services will find that the business world has very different demands on services from the consumer market. These range from time to market and expected “five-nine” availability to service level agreement and new billing mechanisms, and everything in between. Panellists at this discussion will exchange ideas on how to make 5G more relevant and more appealing to certain industry and business sectors, and how to offer targeted solutions to address the pain points of enterprises and public sector organisations.

  • What new values will incentivise industries to adopt 5G?
  • How do new technologies like AI, AR/VR, cloud compute, help tap enterprise opportunities?
  • How can vendors and ecosystem partners work with 5G operators to bridge industry know-how gaps?
  • How can 5G managed security service providers utilize AI to expand the scope of managed security offerings?